Johnny Mac Powell

A Biography By Emma

Background Information & Childhood

Mac was born on Christmas, 1972. His parents were excited to have a new little "bundle of Joy". His love for Music started when he was young and his parents would sing and play guitar around the house. His Full name is Johnny Mac Powell but he goes by the name Mac Powell. He graduated from McEachern High School.


What is the most exciting day for most humans? There wedding day, of course! Mac is now married to Aimee and they now have 5 kids named Scout, Cash, Camie love, Emmanuel, and Birdie Clare. He loves his wife and kids. They don't treat him like a rock star, like he comes home and they say "Hi daddy Can my friend have and Autograph and my class and my school" they would be like "hi daddy". They wouldn't care if he won a Grammy's Award.

His Job...As a ROCK STAR

Mac plays in the band Third Day along with Mark Lee, Tai Anderson, David Carr, Brad Avery, and Billy Wilkins. He plays Tambourine, Guitar, and Sings. His genre is Christian Rock. He won the 2001 gospel music award for best male vocalist of the year.


Mac Powell plays at Lifest every year (well most of the time). He and Third Day come in and about over 1,000,000 people come and listen. After they have an Artist "Meet and greet". Hey! Can I have an autograph!

Songs He Wrote

  • I need a Miracle
  • Cry out to Jesus
  • God of Wonders
  • Born again
  • Love Song
  • Offering
  • Carry my Cross
  • Thief
  • Children of God
  • Revelation
  • And More...

About The Author

Emma is a Talented young Women. She loves all sports but especially soccer and baseball. She is like the #1 artist but she sometimes thinks otherwise. She absolutely positively super duper totally JUST LOVES COWS!!!! She has 2 (annoying) sisters and 1 (bad and when I say BAD I mean BAD) brother. They are all younger then her. She attends lifest every year.