Immigrate To Canada!

A Land Full Of Opportunity!

Immigrating To Canada

To immigrate to Canada you must have at least High-school grade, but having post secondary education makes you more eligible. You will also need one year of full time paid work experience.If you already have received a job offer from a Canadian employer, you will awarded 10 points on your test. You will also be awarded another 10 points if you are in the range of 21 to 49 years of age, but 2 points will be deducted for every year older or younger. You will need to be fluent In at least one of Canada's Languages, but fluency in both languages (French and English), will improve your chances significantly. Lastly you will need to be able to adapt. There is a total of 100 points, you will need at least 67. Possible Points: Work Experience 21. Education 25. Language 24. Arranged 10. Age 10. Adaptability 10.

Why Immigrate To Canada?

The Canadian economy is strong so you do not have to worry about finding jobs or being able to live in a home, and everyone gets free health care so you will get medical attention no matter what! Every person makes enough money to support a home if they have at least a high-school education, YOU will help yourself and the rest of Canada by well paying jobs and helping the economy even further, and you will not have to worry about never seeing someone from your country again either! Because Canada is a multicultural country, in which many people from other countries already live here! And we respect all your rights, as your country may not, this means everyone is equal and none face discrimination.But Canada does not only have a stable economy, jobs for everyone, and equal rights! Canada is also a beautiful land with many places to be! so you will never have to leave the country for a vacation!