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Issue 8 ~ Sunday Service Edition

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Sunday A.M. service Volunteers

Have you ever wondered how many volunteers it takes to run the ministries during the morning service?

Well, I don't have an exact number, but the answer is A LOT!

During our morning service we run an infant and toddler nursery, Take T.W.O.S, Little Lambs, Children's Worship and Kingdom Kids. These ministries serve the children of Providence from birth to age 5. People involved in this ministry are essential to making sure the ministries can run well.

The morning service requires:

Nursery checker

Nursery attendants

Children's Ministry check in station attendant

Pint Size Praise Leader

Take T.W.O.S ~ 2 adults, 2 helpers

Little Lambs ~ 2 adults, 2 helpers

Children's Worship ~ 2 adults, 2 helpers

Kingdom Kid's ~ 1 adult, 1 helper

2 Inclusion Ministry Helpers

~~Check out the next S'more newsletter for NEW information about our new Inclusion ministry!

Here's some more information about the amazing volunteers of our church!

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Keri Penning and Katy Vander Vennen - Nursery Coordinators

Keri and Katy are sisters! And it's pretty cool they enjoy working together, because they coordinate our nursery as a team.

Keri takes on more of the administrative role, coordinating the volunteers and making the schedules. There are many people to coordinate for serving between the A.M. and P.M. service. Keri does a great job!

Katy takes the role of caretaker for the rooms. She makes sure the rooms are supplied with what they need for the kids to keep busy. She keeps the toys clean and makes sure none are broken or have pieces missing. She also keeps the informational name tags supplied. Thanks Katy! You are a gift!

These ladies are a BIG help to young families. Parents can be assured that their kids are well cared for while they worship.

Thanks ladies!

Katie Ruis ~ Children's ministry check in attendant

Katie is there every Sunday with a smile. She's always willing to help answer any questions parents may have on where their children need to go during the service. She is a big part of helping the ministry leaders when the parents come to pick up their kids after the service. Thanks for your dedication, Katie!
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pint size praise

Pint Size Praise is the worship time that the 3 and 4 year olds participate in before they begin their activities in the classroom. So much fun to see them singing, playing their instruments and jumping around.

They have so much energy! Thanks so much to our leaders for helping our little ones worship.

Hillary billmeier ~ Pint size praise coordinator

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A.M. service ministry coordinators

Take T.W.O.S. Little Lambs, Children's Worship and Kingdom Kids

These ladies are an essential part of our Sunday ministries. Things could not run without them! The gifts they bring to these areas are priceless. They are creative, organized and good with putting together a plan for their classes.

It is not an easy job for the volunteer teachers and helpers to keep all the children engaged! These coordinators do their best to give those teachers the necessary tools to keep the morning running smoothly.

Ladies, You are appreciated!! Thank you for serving so well.

we look forward to celebrating these volunteers and more on discipleship Sunday!

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Jennifer Sterk

Director of discipleship for Youth