The Nile River

Egypt's pride and power

Physical features

4,135. That's the length of the nile river, the longest river on the planet! This massive river flows from the south to the north and the Blue Nile and White Nile come together in the Sudan to form the Nile in Egypt! In the north, the Niles elevation is lower than in the south so, upper Egypt is in the south and lower Egypt is in the north!

Egyptian daily life

The Egyptians did some interesting things in their daily life! For example, Me hunted hippos in groups for sport and the meat they provided. The "upper class" hunted for birds in marshes of papyrus. They used papyrus for many things including sandals,baskets,paper, and rope!

The Nile

Interesting facts

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FACT 1:The Nile River got its name from the Greek word Neilos!FACT 2: The Nile River flooded every year between June and September, a season that the Egyptians called akhet! FACT 3: The Nile has been named the "river of life" by Egyptians! FACT 4: only 22% of the Nile runs through Egypt

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