SEC Machines

Significant Aspects to Follow in Heavy Duty Profile Cutting

Profound Slashing Operation with Machinery Support

For cutting metal or equivalent heavy duty component for profile making, equipment support remains excellent option. Devices like plasma cutter with computer aided feature are one among the choices that cuts 4 times faster than other template forms of profile slashing instrument.

CNC For Reducing Wastage

Plasma cutters can be defined as smart instruments for engraving operations. It can handle work materials such as metal sheets starting from 0.5mm of tin sheet to 150mm thickness plates. However, functional aspects are much easier and stay flexible for maintenance requirements as well. As far as CNC feature is concerned, it is equipped with nesting software that makes the machine convert 15% to 20 % scrap to creations therefore; the user will be able to take out profit within 12 months of his investment.

Handling Large Work Material

Professional pillar type magnetic template profile cutters are a perfect option of device for shift production requisites. It can be applied with Oxy Fuel and plasma power input. This instrument is flexible in handling varieties of materials including mild steel, stainless steel, brass plates, aluminium, etc in various forms.

Why to choose SEC Machines?

Specialists’ team of SEC Machines including skilled engineers and technocrats are work on innovative aspects in welding and cutting processes. We work together to create improved versions of machines to support the above operations and provide best solution through equipment designed with automation features.

Sub Assembly Parts Production

We have excellent network of workshops to carry on with creation of sub assemblies. Our professionals stay engaged in lots of activities including training, helping and working with operators in suppliers’ factories.

Types of Equipments we create

With the help of complete system of drives, rails and carriages we make automated welding guns and torches applied for cutting and also make hand operated tools in inexpensive way however, balance production methodology in precise way. We manage assembly, dispatch at our own premises and maintain well equipped research station to look after quality.

Machines and Industrial Applications

SEC designs equipments to be used in applications like oxy-fuel, cnc plasma cutting machine, TIG, MIG, beveling and submerged arc welding. Our products are used in varieties of industries including steel fabrication, shipbuilding, rail car construction, structural steel fabrication, etc. we also assist service centers who work with fusing operation.

Balancing Consumer Relationship

Satisfaction is our main motto which we try to bring through our produce. Starting from construction of machine to spares parts availability and timely delivery we make our client feel the satisfaction of profit making within 24 months. We take advice from floor level welders who use our device so that it would be much better to understand actual operational aspects to add in designing.


When it comes to plasma or flame cutters, design, shape and performance capacity have to be ensured. Hence it is better to find suitable one from manufacturer who can provide customized designs of apparatus.