Yard Sale and Lemonade Stand

We need to sell stuff. Come by and say hi.

Come to the big event TODAY: Sunday, August 11th, 8am-1pm

Lots of stuff from two families.
3156 Tyburn St.
Los Angeles CA 90039

Kids stuff for ages 6 and under, including loads of 50 cent board books, wood puzzles, boxes of puzzles, games, toys, art supplies, kiddie furniture, ride on toys and more!

Household items like dishes, glasses, books (lots of parenting books), games, camping stuff, winter stuff, entertaining stuff, dvds, and more kitchen stuff. Oh, and a large wooden wine rack.

Some of the stuff you'll find

And there's a lemonade and snack stand!

We don't know what the price will be...could be a penny, could be $1. It is kind of a lucky draw with these 5 & 6 year olds running the stand.

So join us, this Sunday...Sunday...Sunday!


Sunday, Aug. 11th 2013 at 8am-1pm

3156 Tyburn St

Los Angeles, CA

Buy some stuff at our two-family yard sale. It is just a block off of the Atwater Farmer's Market.