Mayfield Grange

Newsletter update No1

Your new board of directors

Three new directors were elected at the recent AGM Peter Mel Hague, Peter Collier and John Halliday and now form a new board of directors alongside existing directors Noel Dolan and Peter Savory.

The board have elected John Halliday as your new Chairman

Directors Mission & Vision


Create a great place to live with a harmonious atmosphere whilst maintaining the standard and quality of amenities and supporting their continuing improvement.


Ensure that all residents have a voice in decision making by ensuring that all communications are provided in a clear and transparent manner.

All three of the new directors expressed their wish to look forward and not backwards in all matters that can affect the community. Both existing directors Peter Savory and Noel Dolan are committed to acting on behalf of all residents and we believe that we are well positioned to provide the correct level of support in an open and transparent way. The board will endeavour to communicate as much information as possible on a regular basis for residents.

In the recent past we have faced a hugely sensitive and divisive issue with regards Grounds Maintenance costs, on a personal level I saw that we became two camps; generally referred to as Leaseholders and Freeholders.

While in fact we are all residents of Mayfield Grange; and if we are to develop as a community we should try to change the way we see ourselves and I respectfully suggest that going forward we describe each other as just that, "Residents".

John Halliday


Please note our new email addresses beneath each photograph of directors above.

AGM updates

Issues arising from the AGM

Main Gates

The question of leaving the gates open at set times during the day as apposed to being closed all day for greater security.

The directors have looked in depth at the issues with the gate . The mechanical set up is sufficient for our needs, and we are in fact able to confirm that contrary to a previous letter the motors are fit for purpose. However by reducing the number of times the gates open during peak times, we can extend the operating life of the system, this combined with a regular maintenance contract should see a relatively trouble free operation and fewer problems for the foreseeable future.

Decision: To leave fixed opening times for now.

Change numerical codes for gates on a regular basis

This is a security question again, but when investigated we found that many residents regularly provide visitors being family, friends or contractors with the code. This coupled with the fact that there are multiple points of entry to the estate the reality is we do not have tight security.

Decision: Leave current number codes..

Install Private Property Sign at main gate

In a similar way as above, a sign will not increase security or deter people from walking into the grounds. We are advised that such a sign carries no legal weight.

Decision: A sign would appear to bring no legal advantage in deterring anyone coming into the estate, however we will investigate a small sign that would not contribute to visual clutter but which would signify a view of privacy, this could be fitted onto the pedestrian gate

Post Box outside main gate

The Post Office installed a post box outside our gates, it was suggested this could create a safety issue with reduced sight lines when entering or leaving the development.

Decision: We will contact the Highways Authority to look into the matter.

Motion to amend Articles of Association 20.2

Although the motion had been agreed, the point was made that a small amendment would ensure that wording was clear and understandable, the current amended version was developed by the legal department of Ringley's

Decision: Resident Chris Gabbitas (No 17) was asked to define the changes and submit amendments to the board, we now have the proposed amendments which are under review by the Board.

Garden maintenance Schedule

The maintenance schedule is available on the Ringley Gateway website,


The gardening Committee have prepared their first newsletter to be included within this main newsletter

See below.

Given that the gardening committee also work with a number of associated but not strictly gardening matters, we have agreed to their request to re-name the committee to

The Gardening and Amenities Committee.

Communication to residents by Board

It was expressed that the quality and level of communication by the Board and feedback by residents could improve. This brighter interactive email newsletter may prove to be a good way to communicate, we would like your feedback on this format and / or suggestions of other software we could use.

Decision: Try this software package that you are reading now await feedback to

Freehold of site

Just before the AGM; Ringley's were advised that Weston Homes had sold the freehold of Mayfield Grange to an investment company. A brief check on this company has shown them to be regular investors in this type of development. At this time we have no contact from the new freeholder, however we have written to them requesting a meeting to establish their future plans and what if any changes may effect residents.

Decision: The board will make contact with the the new freeholder and endeavour to establish their intentions, and then report back to all shareholders.

Klargester Issues

During the past eighteen months we have struggled with Klargester problems, and as a result have had substantial additional costs leading to additional charges for all households.

Decision: The outgoing board and in particular Peter Savory, have done a great job of stabilising the issues with the Klargester and we now understand how best to maximise its use and have put in place a maintenance contract.

All residents have received a additional charges to cover the cost of repairs to the main gate and Klargester, so it is once again very important to remind all residents of the following.


Please only flush toilet paper, and take care not to flush any face wipes, nappies, ear buds or solids in the loo. The system cannot process these items and nearly all problems stem from similar items being flushed.

Please warn visitors and tenants, if applicable, not to flush these items.

Thank you

Weston's outstanding work

It is felt that Weston's might be more reluctant to expend any more monies than necessary in Mayfield Grange now that they have sold the freehold, however we will maintain our discussion with them to try and resolve outstanding issues positively.


Currently Outstanding are: and being actively pursued.

1. Drainage to the Pond on the main drive and rectification of associated landscape areas.

2. Resurfacing paths and roads outside houses in mews

3. Access to Great Hall tower and associated jackdaw problems

4. Reassurances that the damp problems in Block B have been completely rectified


it was suggested that the pavilion could with adequate controls be used for other activities than the gym. Suggestions were to introduce a charge and booking facility and ensure that users clean up after use.

The type of use was briefly discussed and there were some concerns about additional car parking and noise.

Decision; The board to investigate the position re pavilion insurance for non gym use. Subject to the level of insurance cover, a discussion document will be distributed to all residents to establish our collective thoughts on any use of the pavilion with possibly a vote being taken on the results of the discussion document.

Compost Bins

We have asked the Gardening Committee to investigate if another compost bin can be developed at minimal cost for those freeholders who do not have suitable space to compost for themselves.

Big image

Gardening and Amenities Committee newsletter

Four Seasons News Update (with (apologies to Vivaldi)

It is over four years since the Garden Committee was formed, being made up of a small number of residents with a shared interest in gardening.

As our role has evolved we have suggested to the board and they have agreed to amend the name of our committee to:

The Gardening and Amenities Committee

This reflects the matters outside of strictly gardening that we assist on.

Generally The members of the Committee are the ‘eyes and ears’ for the directors. We hold regular meetings throughout the year, the Chair reporting to the Directors on any issues related to grounds maintenance. The Chair also liaises with the gardeners on a day to day basis.

City Escapes are contracted to maintain the grounds as is. Their annual fee covers an agreed number of visits and man-hours per year.

The committee has a discretionary budget to cover small items which fall outside the scope of the grounds maintenance contract and to make minor improvements to the landscaping. Typically this has included the planting of spring bulbs and bedding plants. The wall near the car parks was recently planted with climbing roses and clematis in order to fill the gaps between the phormiums and to add some colour.

Plans for this year include adding hardy geraniums to the tree circles bordering the car parks north of the Great Hall. Rabbit fencing is gradually being removed from beds where plants have matured and therefore unlikely to be attacked by rabbits and deer.

Malcolm Smith

Garden committee members are;-

June Richer

Sandy Wood

Jilly White

Gill Massie

Nicola Carr

Lucinda Kitchin

Jill Bramfitt

Norma Smith (Hon. Sec.)

Malcolm Smith (Chair)

Residents are encouraged to contact any member of the Garden Committee with any thoughts they may have regarding grounds maintenance. The next Garden Committee meeting is scheduled for 22nd April 2016.

The next budget

As you are aware, due to the issues surrounding the garden maintenance costs, subsequent meetings and voting, the AGM was held considerably late this year

Our accounting year end is June 30th. Between now and then the new board develop a new budget. Given the additional costs seen in the last accounts, we will try extremely hard to anticipate where any extraordinary costs may affect the budget and ensure that the budget is as accurate as possible hopefully without any further surprises.

Getting it right

We hope that you enjoy this first newsletter of 2016, it is quite a different format but we do hope you like it.

Please help us to get the right balance of information in these newsletters whichever format they may take.

Your feedback is important in doing so.