Learning Disability

What is Executive Function Disorder? What are disabilities of Executive Function Disorder?

Executive Function Disorder is refers to sets of mental skills that are coordinated in the brains frontal lobe. Someone that has problems analyzing, planning, organizing, scheduling and completing tasks on time. Disabilities are:

  • manage Time
  • Attention Switch Focus
  • Plan and organize
  • remembering details
  • Curb Inappropriate speech or behavior
  • setting schedule
  • integrate past experiences with present


How is Executive Function diagnosed?

Symptoms of a child having Executive function disorder are:

  • Difficulty with Planning
  • Difficulty with organizing
  • Time management
  • Memory and Attention

How can teachers help students with Executive Function Disorder?

How can teachers help students with Executive Function?

Teachers can help students with Executive Function Disorder by working with on brain-based games. Teachers can associate something the student, combining that with what he student is trying to archive. Teacher can have a one-on-one lecture on how to review, organize and participate actively in class. Activities, project and even discussions with the student can assist in progression with learning.


InBrief: Executive Function: Skills for Life and Learning