Weekly Newsletter

Mrs. Arnold and Mrs. Bordonaro

October 3rd-7th

Language Arts

We are continuing our 2nd unit: Characters Facing Challenges

Fiction Unit

Unit Essential Question: What can we learn when we face a problem?

Close Read: Three Billy Goats Gruff

Focuses for this week:

-Describe the overall structure of the story

- How does the beginning introduce the story?

- How does the ending conclude the action?

Home/School Connection: As you and your child are watching television, eating dinner, or driving to soccer practice, talk about different kinds of challenges. You can bring up the challenges a TV character might be facing or you can discuss one of the challenges you’ve faced over the years. Ask about the issues your child might have with friends or at school. What would the characters in our selections do? What lessons can be applied to your own life?


Unit: Place Value

Focus: Continuing on working on showing how a number can be made in different ways.

For example:

73 can be made with

-73 ones

-7 ten 3 ones (lllllll:.)

-6 tens 13 ones (llllll::::::.)

-4 ten 33 ones (llll::::::::::::::::.)


School/Home Connection:

Have your student draw a number on a whiteboard or piece of paper, have him/her see how many other ways they can make the number. See example above of how they can draw it in blocks or write out tens and ones. Challenge: move to 3 digit numbers)

ELA Skill

Skill: Contractions

School/Home Connection: Play "I'm thinking of a contraction." Tell your child a contraction. Have them tell you the two words that make up that contraction. Then tell them two words, have them tell you the contraction and spell it (saying apostrophe). Finally mix them up.


Genre of writing: Informative

Close Read Connection: Three Billy Goats Gruff

Prompt: After reading "Three Billy Goats Gruff," write a short essay describing how the billy goats overcame the challenge in their story. Use facts and details from the reading selection to support your essay.


Phonics Focus: sounds that make long e

/e/ (we, she, he, me)

/e_e/ (these, Pete, Eve)

/ee/ (feet, see, seed, tree, need, treetop, sleeping)

/ea/ (read, teach, clean, leaf, reread, seashell)

/y/ (funny, silly, happy)

/ey/ (key, monkey, honey)

/ie/ (field, brief, piece, chief)

High Frequency Words: after, before, call, do, earth, father, give her, know, large

**High frequency words are words that don't necessarily follow a phonics pattern. They have also been known as word wall words in the past.

Important Dates

  • October 5: Walk to School Day
  • October 10-14: Book Fair
  • October 13: Our Class visits book fair
  • October 11-12: Games due for Caine's Arcade
  • October 12: Caine's Arcade
  • October 12: Science and Book Fair Night (students can also put out Caine's Arcade games)

Flag Salute Dates: (As of now, may change)
  • October 28: Flag Salute
  • November 18: Flag Salute
  • December 16: Flag Salute
  • January 27: Flag Salute
  • February 24: Flag Salute
  • March 31: Flag Salute
  • April 28: Flag Salute
  • May 26: Flag Salute
  • June16: Flag Salute

Book Fair

Our class will visit the book fair on Thursday, October 13th.

If you would like your student to purchase books with our class, please send the money in an envelope to school with them. Please note, students will only be allowed to use their money on books when we go as a class. If they would like to purchase other items (bookmarks, pencils, etc.) they will need to go with a parent before or after school.

Thank you so much for supporting literacy at our school!

Caine's Arcade at Book Fair Social

Students that want to display his/her game at the Book Fair Social will keep their game in the Multi Purpose Room after we are done playing them on the 12th. We will have a teacher here that night to show students where to put out his/her game for others to play.

**This is optional. Students do not need to come to the Book Fair Social or display his/her game.

Friday Flag Salute Awards

Nature Walk with 5th Grade Buddies

Last week, we went with our buddies to the garden. We hunted for leaves, made leaf rubbings, and then created fall poetry. We had a great time!!
Caine's Arcade
Math Symbaloo

This link has typing practice, math, reading, and more. Everything is in one place and easy to use!