St. Patty's Lights

A little NCAA shining brightly too!

Let's Be Smart Back There

Our back parking lot serves as our drop off and pick up area for many families. Lately, especially after school, some of our drivers have gotten comfortable with stopping at the curb to WAIT for their passengers. That isn't a safe option. Please find a place to park and go to meet the children. We can't afford any injuries to our children or adults. Please pass the word. Thank You!


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4K and finding the treasure

All of the children in our school are experiencing Project Lead The Way (PLTW) activities/modules. Here are photos of the 4k children in Mrs. McMahon's class learning about how to design a path from A to B to C to D to get to the treasure. Fisrt basic steps of what coding will be as they grow in skills. Mrs. Iwanski led the lesson.

New Snow, a chance to ski

Our phy ed teachers were so excited when the snow began falling this past Monday. It meant the skis could come out and the students could enjoy the fresh air and aerobic exercise of cross country skiing. They love it!

Roller Skating during Phy Ed

Here you see the helmets and the skates that the students use for their skating unit in physical education classes. They have a wonderful time improving on their skating skills, and for some this is an introduction to this fun activity. Thanks to Mrs. Monson and Mrs. Stauber for incorporating this into the program. The volunteers are awesome too! Thank YOU!

Spring Break dates (April 8th-April 17th)

As we approach the end of March, we begin to think about Spring Break. There is a full day of school on Friday, April 7th. Our Spring Break begins on Saturday, April 8th and goes through Monday, April 17th. School resumes on Tuesday, April 18th. If your family will be on vacation before April 8th or continues after April 17th, please make sure to contact Mrs. Smith or Mrs. Janquart in the office via email or phone. Thank you!

Mike Budisch

Here is a photo of Mr. Frei, one of our third grade teachers. He is also a basketball official who was selected from thousands of officials to work the Division 2 state semi-final boys' basketball game on Friday afternoon. We are proud of Mr. Frei and his commitment to being one of the best. Good luck Mr. Frei and have fun too!