citizenship by birth


a legal progress when U.S. constitution establishes two ways to become a citizen: by birth and, for foreign- born people who choose to become citizens

steps to naturalization

-Aliens who want to become United States citizens must first sign a statement saying just that.

-For most aliens, the next step comes after living the United States for atleast five year. (aliens who are married to citizens wait only three years.)

-The applicant must also tae a citizenship exam that consists of questions about reading, writing, speaking english and basic facts about the history and government of the United States. Afterward, the USCIS makes its decision.

-if the application is granted, the final step in naturalization is attending a ceremony and pledging an oath of allegiance. the alien swear to be loyal to this country above all others, to obey the constitution and other laws, and to perform military or other duties if needed. They then sign a document to declare that they are a United States citizen.

Ways to lose citizenship

Through denaturalization, though expatriation, or by being convicted. of certain crimes. Native born U.S. citizens can lose citizenship only through their own actions and cannot be denaturalized.

Denaturalization: The loss of citizenship through fraud or deception during the naturalization process is called denaturalization.

Expatriation: The simplest way to lose citizenship is through expatriation, or giving up one's citizenship by leaving one's native country to live in a foreign country.

punishment for a crime: These crimes include treason, participation in a rebellion, and attempts to overthrow the government through violent means.

illegal aliens

Some were refused permission to immigrate; other never applied for permission because they feared a long, slow process or being turned down.

legal aliens

a resident alien is a person from a foreign country who has established permanent residence in the united states resident. resident aliens may stay in the united states as long as they wish without becoming American Citizens. A nonresident alien is person from a foreign country who expects to stay in the the US for a short, specified period.