The Battle of Ypres

by esther & aurrorah

On October 1914 in Belgian City of Ypres a war had begun.

Battle Information

The battle of the Ypres took place in western Belgium and went on for thirty-four days. The battle was unfair because there was Germans trying to take over the English channel. Because of all the gas weapons the Germans won. But it was almost a lost considering over 1,700,000 died between both sides they wondered weather to be happy or not. The french had lost 86,237 and the german had lost 134,315. Another well-known person is lord Cornwallis he was one of the British generals.

Here's a story of one the survivors


marshel sir john french vs. Sir Douglas Haig


Tour Information

Flanders Battlefield Tour owners Jacques Ryckebosch and Generva Charsley both are well educated on the topic of WW1. A museum to visit and relive the battle is In Flanders fields museum. and