Video Game Disigner

Science Project

Skills and schooling required

If you want to become a video game designer you need to have a knowledge of computer software and need to have a lot of knowledge on writing code. You also need to have a bachelors degree.

Science Involved

Under the three groups of science video game signings would fall under physical. Some science involved is numbers and numbers are in science. Another way science is involved in video game designing is in the games you most have knowledge of gravity and force. Like in a game when your walking along and something is falling like rocks or something, the designers need to know how fast to make it fall.

Problem Solving Skills

There are so many bugs and potential problems when designing a game which ranges from collision detection to making things look convincing you need to be the type of person that works until the problem is fixed.

Computer Skills

You must have a vast knowledge of computer skills from knowing how to write code to adapting it for use on different consoles.