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Public sector

Characteristics: - Ran by local authorities(LA's)
- Managed by LA employees

Goals: - Provide a service for local community
- More affordable than private sector
- Social impact on health and employment

Advantages: - Underpinning requirement to act in the public good for the national/local community
- Has resources allocated from local/national taxation for this purpose
- Not driven by the need to make a commercial profit

Disadvantages: - Funds for capital projects/improvements to services are limited by national/local taxation policies

- LA's don't have the same financial freedom as private sector to borrow money to invest in facilities
- LA's in economically disadvantaged areas have less money to spend on recreational facilities

Private sector

Characteristics: - Privately owned registered companies

- Must operate and survive in open market/make a profit/compete
- Funds from membership fees

Goals: - Aims to make a profit for the owner
- Can cater for a more exclusive and wealthier clientele

Advantages: - It can react quickly to meet a demand as demonstrated by market research
- Can restrict membership so that all those that use a facility do so unhindered by too many other people being there at the same time
- Can meet individual needs

Disadvantages: - Costs of joining the club and fees for using the facility are realatively high and therefore out of reach of those with insufficient income
- Restriction on numbers will mean some people are unable to join
- Degree of social exclusivity against certain groups in society

Voluntary sector

Characteristics: - Owned by members (possibly on trust/charity basis)
- Managed by members committees/may employ staff
- Financed by members' fees/fundraising/sponsorship

Goals: - Provides for grass roots of sport
- Tries to increase participation in their sport

Advantages: - Based upon the enthusiasm of individuals, a whole range of activities, at all kinds of levels, is already available
- If an opportunity is lacking then people with enthusiasm, can provide it
- Exists for the benefit of the people who choose to become involved and support it though their labours or their money costs are kept low
- Financial support for the sector from local and national government

Disadvantages: - Unplanned and relatively uncontrolled
- Only be encouraged/supported in organising activities for others
- Continuity can't be guaranteed - enthusiast moves away - club collapses
- Still be socially exclusive