Internet and the risk of using it

People underestimate the risks of the internet

What is technology

Lets first start off by saying the internet is the global communication network that allows almost all computers worldwide to connect and exchange information. Internet is not just for computers to do their work, it's where a lot of people meet on social networks setup by someone who wants money (most of the time.) But so many people on is causing trouble to the community, cyber bulling, lies, false accusations, violence, sexuality. Every site you go on, there will be someone bullied, only few people stand up to what is right.

Lies can soon turn into the truth

Anyone can say anything on the Internet and as Hitler proved if you tell a lie enough times you will find some fool to believe it. Disinformation and lies are common, so always check your sources. There has been some people give outright lies for an answer.

Technology increases in value and populatory every year and it gets more and more advanced.

As the technology world advances every year you get more people and more people means more of a risk to being drawn into something inappropriate or violent. The internet is like a black hole, it sucks you in without you really knowing. If your on face book it should only take you a minute, but the black hole (internet) is taking you over.


Cyber bulling or bullying that takes place using electronic technology is very very common if your in a game or a social media website like Facebook. It is just like bullying, its very hard to contained, the only possible way cyber bulling to be stopped or die down is by setting restrictions, look at their previous records of there sites and the messages, then block that IP address.