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What a fun 2 weeks we've had at school! Last week we enjoyed learning about Dr. Seuss and celebrating his birthday on Mar. 2nd and yesterday the 120 Day was a BLAST! The kids' projects were AWESOME! I've got videos posted at the bottom of this newsletter highlighting these 2 special events; so don't forget to scroll down and check them out.

Our literacy focus this week was on informational text and writing opinions. In math we have been learning about 3D shapes and have had a great time in math stations building, exploring and playing as we discover more about cubes, spheres, pyramids, rectangular prisms and more.

Science has been super cool as we took a closer look at volcanic rocks. See if your child can share the 3 different rocks they learned about. Next week we will be working with river rocks. In Social Studies we have learned a lot about maps. I LOVED the kids maps they made for homework. They were great!

We still have many field trip forms out. It's really important that these come in asap. I want all our students to be able to attend this awesome trip with us! We also have to place the lunch order on Monday and it cannot be changed afterwards. If you have not ordered a school lunch for your child by then; then you will have to pack a lunch for that day.

If you would like to sponsor a child's field trip costs, please let me know or send in a check on that child's behalf. Just place it in an envelope labeled "field trip sponsor". We appreciate any help you can offer.

Please make sure to read the "NOTES" section for important reminders.

Enjoy your weekend!

~Ms. Gower

120 Day of School Celebration


  • Conferences- These start next week. Don't forget they are student-led which means your child will be doing most of the talking/sharing with you so they MUST attend. Conference confirmations were sent home last week and I also wrote a reminder in your child's Friday Folder. Please make sure you are on time. I will be meeting with you for the first 10 min of your conference and then moving on to the next parents. I can't wait to see you all!

  • Interim Reports- We have only had a few of these returned and signed. Please make sure to send these back in on Monday and don't forget to sign them =)

  • St. Patrick's Day- We are celebrating this on Friday. Make sure your child wears LOTS of green... We've been known to have little leprechauns visit our classroom.

  • Field Trip- Send in signed permission slips and money as soon as possible.

  • Toilet Paper Rolls, Boxes, Cardboard...- We need these type of supplies for a math project next week. Send in what you have =)
Celebrating Dr. Seuss!

WSES- Embracing the needs of every child!

"Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve" ~ Napoleon Hill
Stem Challenge- Can teams create a nest strong enough to hold an elephant and protect the egg?