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Music While Working out…NO WAY!

So,, being the intellectual juggernauts of truth and innovation decided to reinvent the wheel recently: They released an article that gave scientific data to support using music during your workout to boost performance. Groundbreaking information, I know.

All joking aside, they hit on some very technical elements in choosing music, figuring whether you are an “associative, dissociative, or mixed attention style”. The article, while ostensibly very basic and axiomatic, is actually enlightening with humor spiced into it. Probably the best part of the article is they give you a concrete playlist as an example for selecting the right music choices to help you with your workouts.

Another useful piece of information concerned the idea of focusing on the lyrics when you start to get into the more excruciating phases of the work out:

" ‘When athletes need a psychological boos,’ Karageorghis said, ‘it’s the lyrical content that has a big role to play.’ Michael Phelps, he noted, credits Lil Wayne’s ‘I’m Me’ for giving him a mental boost, with lyrics like ‘Yes, I am the best/ and no, I ain’t positive/I’m definite’

Those are great affirmations, wether or not they come from Lil Wayne. Choose lyrics that speak to you.”

So now that we know music makes the gym more fun (did we not know this before?), we now have the task of acquiring the right work out gear, the arm bands to hold the mp3 player, etc. Where to go to get all these great items? of course.

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