Self Cleaning Before Baby Touching

By Lorena and Christian


Hand Washing

You should always wash your hands before touching a baby. This way it helps prevent the distribution of germs. This is one of the most effective ways in helping maintain the distribution of germs.


1. Wash your hands for at least 30 seconds in warm water and with soap. Point your fingertips toward the bottom of the sink. Keep your hands lower than your elbows so the soap, water, and germs run down the drain, not down your arms. Small children may need to stand on a stool.

2. Pay special attention to your fingernails, between fingers, and areas that look dirty.

3. Don’t touch anything while washing your hands.

4. Rinse your hands and wrists well, then dry them with a clean towel. Paper towels are best because they can be thrown away.

5. Use the towel to turn off the water; don’t touch the faucet with your clean hands.

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Strangers touching your baby

There is always that one stranger that sees a baby and automatically wants to touch them, but have you ever thought of the germs on their hands? Well now there is a better soulution in helping maintain the germ outspread. If there is a staranger that wants to touch your baby tell them that it would be fine (only if you really want them to) but they can touch them on the babies feet. This helps reduce the risk of the baby getting any type of illness.
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