Done by : Michelle Lor


Blackbeard is the most famous pirate ever to sail in the seven seas .

He knew the importance of his image in his line of work. Before the battle, he would dress all in black, strap several pistols to his chest and put on a large black captain’s hat. Then, he would put slow burning fuses in his hair and beard. The fuses constantly sputtered and gave off smoke, which wreathed him in a perpetual greasy fog. He looked like a devil who had stepped right out of hell and onto a pirate ship and most of his victims simply surrendered their cargo rather than fight him. On November 22, 1718, Blackbeard was cornered by two Royal Navy sloops that had been sent to hunt him down. At that time , most of his man were at the shore , so he decided to fight . But in the end , Blackbeard was killed .

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Even though we don't know if pirates still live in this world , but people still keep it as a history in our book.

Grace O'Malley

Grace O'Malley was born in 1530 in County Mayo, Ireland and was the daughter of sea captain Owen O'Malley. As a young child, Grace always knew she wanted to be a sailor but as a female, she was discouraged repeatedly. She cut her hair to prove to her parents that she could handle a seafarer's life . Eventually, through her persistence, she was allowed to go to sea with her father and his fleet of ships. As a young girl , Grace commended a fleet of 20 ships and rowing boats on Ireland's west coast , attacking passing merchent vessels . In 1593 , she begged and was pardoned by Queen Elizabeth for her piratical ways . However , instead of giving up altogether , she handed her business over to her young sons who happily carried it on ! She lived to be over 70 years old .
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