Farm Animal Visit

March 30th

Farm Animals Coming to Preschool

This week on Thursday, my husband Romy will be coming to preschool with various farm animals. He will bring goats, chickens, chicks, and a rabbit. The children will get a chance to pet the animals and feed them food if they choose to. Romy will talk to the children about how he cares for the animals and what they eat. The children will have a chance to learn about farm animals first hand after playing with farm toys in the block area and house area throughout this week. I am excited for this visit and hope your children will be too!

Morning Class Visit: 11am

Afternoon Class Visit: 12:30pm

Feel free to come to the preschool during the visit to learn about farm animals with your child. If you plan on attending the visit, email Kristi letting her know you will be here.

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