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Welcome to the Outstanding Owl!!

Hello R.C. Burleson Staff,

It's been a few weeks since the newsletter has been published. There are some outstanding occurrences that has happened in the last month.

Remember, this newsletter is utilized to highlight various activities and accomplishments that occur on campus. If you want to feature anyone or anything that deserves Kudos at our school, please email me with a picture and/or description. We are doing great things, lets share our great work!

R.C. Burleson's Vision

Our vision is to achieve distinction in academic, social, and self- excellence through dedication and collaboration.

Teachers leading PD

Outstanding job, to Ms. Cortez and Ms. Hamilton for leading Reading Professional Development over the strategy, UNRAVEL. Teachers took away great learning, and enjoyed the new tool!

Professional Development at Macon

Our 3rd-5th Grade Math team visited Macon to attend PD on Building Computational Fluency in Mathematics. Way to represent!

Burleson NTA

Every other Wednesday, sessions are held on our campus designed for the new or novice teachers. The goal of each session is to provide teachers with as many resources as possible to continue learning and build strategies to utilize in the classroom. Everyone is welcome to attend. Please see Ms. Meek for more information.

Kudos to the teachers that have attended thus far!

Soccer Banquet

Our Soccer team completed their first season this month. A banquet was held in their honor. Kudos to Mr. Rodriguez and the rest of the Burleson Staff for providing a rewarding season for our students!

Bullying Assembly

Thank you Counselor Jackson for coordinating the Bullying Assembly for our students. Also Kudos to the teachers and staff members who facilitated student acts for the assembly. It was a success.

KUDOS CORNER - (This corner comes from members of the staff that want to give a shout out to an Outstanding Owl.)

  • Kudos to Mr. Rodriguez because he is wonderful! He works with our small groups willingly and effectively.
  • Kudos for Ms. Sellers for always being on top of everything!
  • Kudos for Ms. Guerrero for bringing activities, lessons, and games from home to assist with the classes.
  • Kudos to Ms. Ulloa building relationships with students as well as working with small groups.

Fall Festival at R.C. Burleson

Thanks to all of you for coordinating our Annual Fall Festival! Each grade level had outstanding activities for the students to participate in. The booth and game activities were a blast! Kudos to you all!

Great job to all of the staff that had perfect attendance for the 2nd 6 weeks! Way to Go!!!

Angela Aguirre, Rose Akalonu, Sharon Alexander, Saida Andrade, Alison Blythe, Jonathan Ford, Angela Frazier, Maricruz Garcia, Fidelina Hernandez, Donna Hoffman, Aurelio Iglesias, Tania Laureano-Rivera, Diana Manzanares, Almudena Martin-Rincon, Jeanna Moore, Cesily Sellers, Charles Thrash, Tomeka Williams, Keri Wilson, and Francis Zalace


Saida Andrade

Alison Blythe

Jonathan Ford

Tania Laureano-Rivera

Diana Manzanares

Almudena Martin-Rincon

Jeanna Moore

Tomeka Williams

Francis Zalace


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