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for the week of April 11th

Important Events for the Week of April 11th plus through end of April

Apr 11, 12 & 14, 2016--ACT Aspire testing for 7th Grade

Apr 11, 2016--HMS Baseball @ Calera

Apr 12, 2016--Approve Timecards by 3 PM

Apr 12, 2016--HMS Golf vs NJMS at Woodward Golf Course

Apr 12, 2016--PTA meeting in Library

Apr 13, 2016--PST Meetings during planning periods in Ms. Mercer's Office

Apr 14, 2016--Ex Ed Departmental Meeting after school in Barons' room

Apr 14-16, 2016--Southern Conference Baseball Tournament - See Coach Waldrop for details

Apr 15, 2016--Grades updated by 3 PM

Apr 18 & 19, 2016--ACT Aspire Testing for 8th Grade

Apr 19-21, 2016--Girls Basketball Tryouts in Competition Gym - See Coach Whitfield for forms and to sign-up

Apr 21, 2016--CARE Meeting at HMS

Apr 22, 2016--MEDC

Apr 25, 2016--School Closed - Weather Day

Apr 26, 2016--FACULTY MEETINGS during planning periods

Apr 26-28, 2016--Girls Volleyball Tryouts in Competition Gym - See Coach Whitfield for forms and to sign-up

Apr 26, 28, 29, May 2, 3, 5, 9, 10, 12, 2016--Spring Football Training

Apr 28 & 29, 2016--American Fidelity in Conference Room

Apr 29, 2016--NJHS Induction Ceremony

Reminders from the Principal

  • 1st period begins at 7:55 AM each day. All 1st period teachers are expected to be ready to start class at 7:55. It is not time to go to the lunchroom and get breakfast nor is it time for you to eat breakfast in class.
  • It is the responsibility of the classroom teacher to contact parents for failing students in their class. There is no excuse for nine weeks to go by and no contact having been made. Contacting the parents AFTER the nine weeks has ended does not count nor does laying the onus for contacting parents at the ex ed teacher's feet. It is not the ex ed teacher's responsibility for contacting parents of failing students in your class. Contacting parents is one of the professional responsibilities of the teacher.
  • ACT Aspire Testing continues this week with the 7th Grade. The final schedule for the weeks of testing is attached to this email. We expect testing to finish each day in the middle of 7th period at which point we will send testing students to their 7th period class. However, should testing finish earlier, expect for adjustments to be made as necessary.
  • Due to ACT Aspire testing, WE WILL NOT HAVE FACULTY MEETINGS until after testing. Therefore, we will be sending any information needed for faculty meetings out via email and all staff are responsible for the information. Check your email.
  • All teachers are responsible for the information that we send out to you via email. "I forgot" or "I did not check my email" are not acceptable excuses.
  • Professional behavior when interacting with students, parents and each other is the expected norm not the exception. It is best to think before you react.
  • We will not do any Advisory Lessons until the end of testing.
  • Make sure you are updating your PLPs with evidence as you go. We do not want to get behind and wait until the last minute.
  • Make sure you are reviewing the duty roster each week. Morning duty begins at 7:20 not 7:25 or 7:30 AM. When on duty, you should be supervising students, not on your phone or grading papers.

Christopher Anders

"Either you run the day or the day runs you."--Jim Rohn