Maternity Leave

Becca Gredone p:1 september 19

Not Fair for Everyone

In America some larger companies and certain states in america have an unpaid for maternity leave available for pregnant women, but most new moms do not have this option. Having a new child is a big responsibility and working at the same time is not healthy for the baby and the family. Many women get declined every year when asking for a maternity leave.

Just America?

America has no national rights for maternity leave therefore, most women cant even have time off to take care of their baby. While in other countries they have maternity leave always available for any woman so they can give the correct care for their child. One reason for America not having a maternity leave could be that some citizens do not think it is fair that just because some people may choose to have children they will get extra time off, while others may choose not to have children and not get this benefit. This is not a valid point because having children is a necessity for the general public and population, so people willing to take care of a child should be given the time they want and need off from work.
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Paid For

It is already unfair that most women in America do not have a maternity leave at all, but what makes it even worse is that other countries all over the world have many weeks of paid for maternity leave available to mothers. Meanwhile America has none. American society and government is so cruel and heartless for this law. With how civilized and developed we are as a nation, there is no excuse for not having a paid for maternity leave.

President Says Yes

Even our president stated that our country should "join the rest of the industrialized world and offer paid leave for mothers of newborns". The rest of the government and country should listen to this advice and make sure this right is available for everyone. He expressed that many other countries can do this so we should definitely be able to do it too. Obama said that "many women can't even get a paid day off to give birth-now that's a pretty low bar. That, we should be able to take care of."