"Things to learn while having fun! Lot's to do in 201!"

Sanchez Class Newsletter

Room 201

Hi Parents,

Winter Break is here!

I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe holiday season! Enjoy the time with your family.

Happy New Year,
Mrs. Sanchez and Mrs. Hinken

Our Learning This Week.....


This week in math, the student practiced their algebraic skills by applying what they have learned to word problems. I was amazed at their perseverance this week and their test scores showed the hard work they put into their learning! We took the Chapter 6 pretest and will start on Area of a Triangle when we return from break.

You child has been invited to take part in a Winter Break Math Challenge. They have a copy of the game board in their organizer. It is due on Monday, January 6, 2014.

The link is below:

Readers' Workshop

In Readers' Workshop, the students read about the U.S. Constitution. During the lesson, we learned a few new tech tricks. Mrs. Segiet (Technology Coordinator) came in and showed us how to airdrop files to each other. What is airdrop? It is a method of transferring files wirelessly from one device to another device.

We will start turning in assignments and taking some tests this way. We are saving a lot of paper by doing this all electronically and it's always great to try (yes, TRY) to keep up with new technology.

As with math, the students are invited to take part in a Winter Break Reading Challenge. A nice warm mug of hot chocolate awaits them if they reach their goal. This is also due on Monday, January 6, 2014.

Read Aloud

We finished Grayson!

We identified over 85 similies in the book. Wow!

Writers' Workshop

This week in Writers' Workshop, the students leaned more about persuasive writing. We read examples and discussed which ones worked best. The students discovered that strong examples will make their writing more convincing. We chose our topic and started researching facts. We will begin the writing process after break.

Mrs. Segiet gave us another tech lesson. This time we learned how to use a dictation and speech program that will actually write the words that we speak! It can also read our words back to us. We will use this more "next year" and let you know what the students think about it.

Social Studies

This week we continued learning about the formation of our government. We learned about the Constitutional Convention, which was held at Independence Hall in Philadelphia. The delegates from the colonies met to discuss how to strengthen the Articles of Confederation. It was summer, quite hot and humid, and the windows were nailed shut. Why? The meeting was meant to be kept secret. After much debate, the Constitution was written and it serves as our form of government today.

During the convention, Ben Franklin questioned if the sun on the back of the chair (picture) was rising or setting. After the Constitution was written, he was convinced that the sun was "rising" to represent our new country.

Winter Sing

The students were fantastic! If you were not in the audience, hopefully you were able to watch it on the live feed that Greenbriar provided. It was a clear picture and the sound was perfect. What a great way for out of town relatives and friends to see it also. The next day, the students watched the recorded version in their music class.

As a special treat, Mrs. Azaria showed them the video of when they performed "Snowpants" in Kindergarten! It was so cute!


We had fun making snowflakes with our buddies!

The Blue Ribbon Assembly

On Tuesday, we celebrated receiving the Blue Ribbon Award by having an all-school assembly. We had some special visitors, Dr. Hewitt and Congressman Brad Schneider. They spoke to our community and talked about the success of teamwork. Mrs. Able put together a great slideshow highlighting GB in action.

Did you know that only 286 schools in the nation receive this award this year?
Way to go, Greenbriar!

Upcoming Events/Reminders:

  • December 20th
  • Winter Break begins!

  • December 20-January 5th
  • READ lots of books!

  • January 6th
  • Return to School

Ask you child about:

* The Winter Break Math and Reading Challenge
* The Blue Ribbon Assembly
* Airdropping (accepting and sending)
* The Holiday Party
* Their topic for the persuasive paper

QR Challenge:

Tell the correct answer to your teacher and add a "rock" to our jar.

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Vocabulary for Next Week

Our Holiday Party