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Two Towns of Jasper

Two Towns of Jasper

In Jasper, Texas, 1998, James Byrd Jr. a black man, was chained to to the back of a pick-up truck and was dragged 3 miles to his death on a hidden road by three white men. The names of the victims are: Shawn Berry, Lawrence Russel Brewer, and John King. The murder was considered a "hate crime". Lawrence Russel Brewer was executed by lethal injection for this crime. John King was sentenced to be executed but is still is alive. Shawn Berry was sentenced for life in prison, only because they could not prove he was racist therefore he was only sentenced for life in jail.
The Night James Brown Saved Boston 8/1

The night Boston was saved

On April 5th, 1968, famous singer James Brown performed concert at the Boston Garden. After the assassination of Martian Luther King Jr., Riots broke out. The concert was held to keep the riots from happening. They wanted people of the streets. He calms Boston and without him, it could have been a disaster as big as the "Boston Tea Party".


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What role do leaders play in shaping the way a community responds to a crisis and in preventing other crises?

Some very special leaders play a special role in shaping the way a community responds to a crises and in presenting other crises. One of those people was Martian Luther King Jr.. He gave his speeches to calm the world and to lower segregation. The mayor of Jasper, Mike Lout, was a great leader as well. He saw the fence at the cemetery and found that it was a fence to separate the white and the blacks. As soon he he found out about it he made it a mission to take it down. He is the one who was determined to stop as much segregation as he could. James Brown was also a leader for saving Boston on a very special night in 1968. He sang to keep the riots of the streets. He calmed down Boston. Without him, this crises could have been the worst incident since the Boston Tea Party.

5 Questions

  • What did James Brown save by singing right after King's death in 1968?
  • After the James Byrd incident, what did mayor Mike Lout notice in the cemetery?
  • What was the problem between black people and white people?
  • What was James Brown trying to stop in Boston 1968?
  • In Boston 1968, what did James Brown start?

Fence Separating Black and White races in the Jasper

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