No Teacher Left Behind

Krista Hill

EDU650:Teaching Learning and Leading in the 21st Century

For teachers to be successful it is important for all the teachers to have the same knowledge and for the students to have the opportunity to pick up where they are if they have to move. If teachers are all educated on the same strategies then the students will know the same things regardless of location. After working with the teachers from the interview process they both stated that do many teacher development activities to stay current on educational information to share with their students.

I think that teacher to become educators are required to prove before they start teaching that they are more than qualified to instruct students. So there is no need to increase the requirements for educators in order to teacher their students. teachers are required to do recertification every three years and I really think that is sufficient right now.

Teachers are being prepared to masters the NETS-T through all their teaching and experience that they are collecting with each new set of students and their individual needs. Being a teacher is a position that requires everyone to be a lifelong learner. Education is key for all educators and after looking at the Khan Academy video it is true to realize that there is no one size fit all model for anything. teaching all teachers blending learning with assist all teachers in making progress in the NET-T skills.


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