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February 2016

We Love UBAM!

I am so excited about the participation in the LOVING YOUR BUSINESS CHALLENGE! If you missed a few challenges, that is okay. You can make them up. The goal is to get all ten challenges complete by midnight on Friday, February 12th. So you can even go get started now!
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New Year's Challenge!

The Winners of $50 in New Titles.....

Laura Doheny
Emma Hartsog

Congratulations on a Qualifying Month toward Promoting to Team Leader!

Megan Smith
Leighanne & Andrew Loges

Congratulations on earning the UBAM Trip!

Trip for One

Karman Brinkman

Bobbee Kornhoff

Trip for Two with Flights

Erin Lenz

Royanna Stratmoen

Alison VanDyke

Who's Earned a Spot in the President's Club?

Erin Lenz
Karman Brinkman

Welcome to New January Team Members!

Leah Meeks sponsored by Sara Magnussen (Brinkman)
Karissa Heine sponsored by Leighanne & Andrew Loges (Lenz)
Emma Hartsog sponsored by Elizabeth McKenzie (McKenzie)
Jennifer Moeding sponsored by Megan Smith (Lenz)
Laura Fleming sponsored by Alison VanDyke (VanDyke)
Kristal Maak sponsored by Alison VanDyke (VanDyke)
Betsey Wagener sponsored by Alison VanDyke (VanDyke)
Mandy King sponsored by Erin Lenz (Lenz)
Molly Rutherford sponsored by Megan Smith (Lenz)

Top Sales Leaders for January on The Brinkman Books Team

Congratulations on $1000+ in Sales & earning Home Office Challenge 1 - A New Title!

Elizabeth McKenzie $1066 (L)
Sara Magnussen $1128
Jill Kuperus $1137
Shannon Geisinger $1178
Calayna Hohenberger $1228
Leighanne & Andrew Loges $1260
Karen Layton $1353
Karissa Behrendt $1416
Emma Hartsog $1439
Amy Mattson $1598

Karman Brinkman $1613 (L)

Ashlee Pudenz $2092

Megan Smith $2653
Alison VanDyke $7433 (L)

(L) Leader

Who's on the UBAM Leaderboards?

Top 50 ~ Consultant Sales
#38 Megan Smith

Top 50 ~ Team Leader Sales

#11 Alison VanDyke

Top 50 ~ Central Group Sales
#19 Erin Lenz

Top 50 ~ Personal Recruiting
#23 ~ Alison VanDyke

Congratulations on earning Home Office Challenge 2 ~ UBAM Business Supplies & Books!

Megan Smith
Alison VanDyke

Go for the Febuary Home Office Challenges!

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Check This Out!

Each month I will feature a training to go check out!
Become a Recruiting M.A.G.N.E.T.
Building a team might just be one of your goals for 2016. Watch this great training from a successful Director with UBAM.

February Specials

Upcoming Events

National Hawk Team Meeting

Wednesday, February 3

Wednesday, March 2

(8:30-9:15pm CST) ~ Facebook Event, ask your Team Leader for an invite.

New Consultant Q & A

Wednesday, February 10
Wednesday, February 17
Wednesday, February 24
Wednesday, March 9

(8:30-9:15pm CST) ~ Facebook Event for new consultants, ask your team leader for an invite

Business Opportunity

Monday, February 8
Monday, February 22
Monday, March 7
(8:30-9:15pm CST) ~ Facebook Event for your potential recruits, please invite them (ask your Team Leader for an invite)

Leader Opportunity

Monday, February 15

Monday, March 14

(8:30-9:15pm CST) ~ Facebook Event for those interested in finding out information about promoting to Team Leader, as your team leader for an invite

Local Team Meetings

Tuesday, March 1 ~ Roseville, MN

TBD ~ Tucson, AZ

Tuesday, February 9 ~ Carroll, IA

Monday, March 7 ~ Brookings, SD

TBD ~ Vancouver, WA

Ask your team leader about available local team meetings in your area.

Regional Training Meetings

Regional Training Meetings are being planned for around the Country and will be open for everyone to attend.

Cincinnati/Northern KY Regional (Crestview Hills, KY) – February 6, 2016

Pacific Northwest Regional (Bellevue, WA) - February 6, 2016

Tulsa Regional (Tulsa, OK) – February 27, 2016

Carolina Regional (Cary, NC) – March 5, 2016

New England Regional (Marlborough, MA) - March 5, 2016

Texas Regional (Burleson, TX) - March 5-6, 2016

Sioux Falls Regional (Sioux Falls, SD) - March 12, 2016

Windy City Regional (Naperville, IL) - March 12, 2016

Rocky Mountain Regional (Denver, CO) - April 9, 2016

Central Florida Regional (Tampa, FL) – April 9, 2016

Heartland Regional (Mishawaka, IN) – August 27, 2016

UBAM National Convention

June 9-11, 2016


Karman Brinkman

Senior Executive Team Leader

Usborne Books & More

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