Preschool's weekly themes

Sea life

This weeks lesson plan

Math- the kids will count how many fish they will receive and then sort them by types of fish.

Science- we will buy the sea life animals that grow over night in water and let the kids observe them/ touch them. the kids will make blue slime that resembles the ocean water.

History- the kids will learn that some of the longest living sea animals are the sea turtle and the bowhead whale.

Snack- We will be making SpongeBob mac and cheese

Fun activities

In class the kids will be watching Nemo the movie because it shows a wide variety of sea life.

On Friday we will be visiting Mystic aquarium. The coast of the trip will be $25.00 for more information you can visit . We will be leaving the school at 8:30 am so please try to get your child here for 8:00. please pack your child a cold lunch to bring with them.