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2021-2022 School Year: Volume 22 - Week of February 14, 2022

Be the Best YOU at Grandview!!!

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From the Principal's Desk....I love Valentine's Day!!

Dear Families,

I know I have said this before, but I really love my job. I love my job mainly because of the students, families, and staff that I am blessed to work side by side with each day at Grandview. I know some of you are asking if you love your job so much, then why are you leaving?!?! I am leaving to make a bigger impact for our district. I love the community feel of Clarenceville and love that we are small, which allows for big impacts that I hope to make in my new role.

Last week, a teacher demanded that I stop what I was doing to come into their classroom and listen to an example of how great our students are learning. This is what makes my job fun, seeing students and teachers show a love for learning. In education we work so hard to teach our students important life lessons that focus around PRIDE and kindness for others and ourselves.

So now we start another week on Valentine's day. It seems in our society that Valentine’s Day has turned into a manufactured holiday. If one does not receive roses, a present, a candygram, or a card, they may think they are not loved. Each day, I am able to experience the true meaning of unconditional love. I have students who every day are showing their love with one another. It can be a big way by buying a friend a bag of popcorn on popcorn Wednesday or maybe it is in a smaller way that leaves a bigger impact, like helping each other when learning become challenging or picking each other up when they come to school sad or picking up supplies for one another or asking someone to play with them or sit by them. That is the spirit of the holiday. That is unconditional love. It is those acts of kindness, politeness and respect that will turn our students into loving and caring citizens that will make a much greater impact in our world.

So tomorrow, enjoy the holiday, but encourage with your students that the love and care that we show each other tomorrow, should be carried out all year long. Love is something that makes kids want to be in their classroom and coming to Grandview each and every day.

Thank you for your continued support at at home! Please join us for Tuesday Night Night at 8 pm or take a night off of cooking and support Grandview at MOD.

Your Proud Principal,

Mrs. Melissa Carruth, Ed.S

Camo Count Day Fun

Recess is so much fun when you add snow with friends!!!

Important Dates and Upcoming Dates


14: Valentine's Day - wear pink or red and hearts

FOG Flower Fundraiser has begun

Deadline for Little Caeser's Fundraiser

Candygram Delivery Day

16: Early Release

MOD Pizza Family Dinner night

17: CANCELLED -- STMath Night

18: Friday Fun for $1 - Stuffed Animal Day

21: No School -- Presidents Day

23: Popcorn Wednesday

Early Release

24: BOE @ 6:30 pm

25: Friday Fun for$1 - Gum Day

Week of the 28th: Pizza Kit Pick-up

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Valentine's Day is Monday

To celebrate Valentine's Day, please have your child wear red, pink and any hearts flare that your child can. Remember every day, you can show love, not just Valentine's Day. Each classroom is doing their own Valentine's Day fun. Refer to your classroom teacher for more information about what they have planned for Monday.

FOG Update

3 great things are happening with FOG....

1). Tomorrow all Candygrams will be delivered to the students!

2). Flower Power Fundraiser is underway. Order early to be ready for spring. It will be here before we know it, despite what the Groundhog says. Friends of Grandview is Grandview Elementary's PTA. We raise money for school equipment and supplies, and for school activities that kids and families participate in, such as Back to School BBQ, Fall Festival, Spring Fling and more. We will be using this fundraiser to finance this year's Spring Fling. The link for ordering is below.

3). Wednesday is MOD Pizza family dinner night. Take a night off from cooking and support a great event.

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Mask Mandate Update

Last Friday, February 11th, Oakland County Health Department stated that they will lift its requirement to wear masks in schools and daycares on Feb. 28. The full news release is attached below. As for how this will impact the Clarenceville School District, this issue will be on the agenda for the next Board of Education meeting for discussion and a vote of the board on the next steps for the district. That meeting will be on February 24th at 6:30.

Until that time, we will carry on with our current practices and protocols, which means that our students need to be masked while inside of the school building.

Any updates will be shared with all of you in a timely manner.


Last week's Board of Education meeting had a great turnout from parents and we hope it continues.

If you would like to communicate with District officials or the Board of Education but aren't sure how, you can use the help desk email at

Student Council Friday's

Friday $1 days are back!! Student Council is hosting their Annual $1 Friday's to raise money for Grandview families in need, Easter holiday for families, Field Day materials and items and American Cancer Society donations. All Friday's will be $1 if they participate.

Friday, February 18th- $1 Stuffed Animal Day

Friday, February 25th- $1 Gum Day

Little Caesar's Fundraiser ends MONDAY!!!

There is a Little Caesar's Fundraiser starting on Tuesday, February 1st. Flyers will come home this week, but all of the necessary information is below. This fundraiser goes for two weeks. Proceeds for this fundraiser helps to get our 5th graders to go to camp. Our 5th graders will fundraise for themselves or if you do not have a 5th grader, than the proceeds go into our camp scholarship fund. I hope that you support this great fundraiser so that all Grandview students can get to camp.
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All students who have a language other than English spoken at home and are identified as English Learners must take a state test called WIDA ACCESS for ELLs (Accessing Comprehension and Communication in English State to State for English Language Learners). The testing session is February 7th - March 25th.

The Enrollment Office form that was completed when your son/daughter enrolled in Clarenceville Schools tells us this information. Students will take the test even if they are not attending ESL/EL classes. The test is for Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking and Comprehension in English. Even though we are in a pandemic, we still have to test your child. Even if your child is a virtual learner, we still have to test your child. We did not receive an exemption from the State of Michigan, therefore, we are testing all. We will mail your child's test results to you when we receive them from the Michigan Department of Education. If you have any questions, please contact Karen Morrison at 248-919-0404.

Math Tips for Home

Graphing is an important math tool. Understanding graphs, helps children understand mathematical concepts such as sorting, organizing, counting, comparing, and analyzing. This week help your child with their graphing skills and create a Valentine’s Day graph. All you need is a box of candy hearts and the printable linked below. Happy Valentine’s Day!

March is Reading Month

The committee has planned a fun filled month for Grandview. The kick off is on Monday, March 1st. Stay tuned for more information coming your way about this exciting month that focuses on the power and importance of reading.

COVID Update and changes

The district will follow the newly issued (1/12/22) OCHD department guidance for School Quarantine and Isolation Guidance effective Friday. The main changes to the guidelines are that the quarantine / isolation does not have to be 10 days and that we are not quarantining / isolating close contacts. Students living in the household with someone, who is positive, will have to still quarantine, but again, for a potential shorter duration.

The Grandview GSRP programs still requires a10-day quarantine period for close contacts and a 10- day isolation periods for students testing positive.

A copy of the 1/12/22 OCHD guidance document is attached.

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School Store Fundraiser - Goes until the end of May

A school fundraiser is underway. It is 100% online so there is no selling or handling of money or products. This is a Win-Win fundraiser as the school earns money, as well as, the classroom teacher. This fundraiser helped to purchase the clay that is used for art, paint to , as well as, the supplies for March is Reading Month, among other classroom resources. If you hear the students coming home wanting a huggable stuffed animal, it is due to this fundraiser. Your child can earn that without spending any money, you just invite family, friends and co-workers to support your student.

School Store is an online shopping mall. There are three ways your family, friends, and co-workers can help our school.

1). Make a 1005 tax-deductable donation to your child's classroom with the purchase of a gift card for your child's teacher to use for classroom supplies and equipment.

2). Shop online at The Family Book Store for wrapping paper, magazines, popcorn, cookbooks, and more. We earn up to 50% of their purchases.

3). Shop online with over 400 major merchants like Walmart, Kohl's, Best Buy, Disney, and more. We earn a small percentage of their purchase.

All you need to do is going to and enter Grandview Elementary School's code (9438) and then shop away. This is an optional fundraiser and we appreciate your participation.

Incoming Kindergarten Vision Screening

As kindergarten registration time approaches, I would like to share the information to potential incoming kindergarten families of the hearing and vision screening requirement.

According to the Michigan Public Health Code (Act 368 of 1978), children entering kindergarten must have their hearing and vision tested before the first day of school and parents must submit a certificate of hearing and vision screening or statement of exemption to the school district.

Additionally, the Revised School Code (Act 451 of 1976, section 380.1177 requires that parents of children entering kindergarten present a statement to school officials confirming they have received the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services Vision Screening or a statement signed a Health Department Technician, a licensed eye care provider (optometrist or ophthalmologist) or medical/osteopathic physician. School officials are required to enter vision screening data into the MCIR/SIRS system for all kindergarten students new entrants by November 1st of each year. A separate report to MDHHS or the Oakland County Health Division is no longer required.

The goal of the law is early identification and treatment of hearing and vision problems that can affect the child’s ability to learn. Although the Public Health Code rules state hearing and vision screening shall be done at least once during the ages of 3 through 5 years, best practice is within six to twelve months of entering kindergarten.

Oakland County Health Division offers free hearing and vision screening by appointment for all children who will attend Kindergarten in Oakland County. Please consider including the hearing and vision screening information listed in the attachments below.

Thank you for helping to assure that your kindergartners have the vision they need to do their best at school. Feel free to call me at (248) 424-7071 if you have questions.

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We have had a lot of students arriving late. Tardies start at 8:40 and will be tracked. If your child comes in after the class did the lunch count, then they will automatically get PB&J as their lunch choice. Lunch counts will not be finalized until after 8:40. If you know your child is going to be late, then please call in the tardy and select your child's lunch choice to ensure that they can get another choice. Our lunch counts are becoming very lopsided and we need to ensure that the children are getting the choice that they signed up for. Also we need our students on time for school!!

Illness Reminder

With cold and flu season here along with the ongoing pandemic, please use good judgement when sending your child to school. For the health and safety of all, please keep your student home if they are not feeling well. If they are showing signs and symptoms of COVID-19 get them tested with a PCR test and don’t send them to school unless you receive a negative test result and they are feeling better. Please report any positive cases to the school.

Winter Weather is here.....Dress Appropriately

At Grandview, we go outside as long as it is above 10 degrees Fahrenheit. We combine the temperature and wind chill in making this decision. Therefore, we need the children to come prepared with hats, gloves, mittens, snow pants, winter coat and boots. If you have trouble providing your child with this necessary and essential winter gear, please reach out to us and we will help to support your child. If your child is not dressed appropriately, we will not be sending them outside.

Students need boots and snow pants to be able to play in the snow. If they do not have the necessary gear, then the students will be asked to stay on the sidewalk and plowed and salted areas.

Additionally, if your child medical conditions restricts them to be outside, please do not just send a note in from you. We need to have a medical note. Our office is becoming packed with kids that say, "my parents told me to stay in." We welcome them to stay in, but we need the medical note as we have kids that have medical restrictions and they do not have anywhere to sit due to the kids that do not have the medical note.

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Run Hide Fight

Parents, it is OK if you have not talked to your child about what happened at Oxford. Even after reading this newsletter, you still do not need to, but it is important that you talk to your child about being safe at school. Below is what we will be doing going forward with our students. First of all, we use the phrase "Lockdown" when we do our active shooter drills.

On Tuesday, December 14th, we will have a lockdown at 1:30 in the afternoon. We will be using the Run-Hide-Fight protocol with this lockdown. We will not discuss that we are doing this because of Oxford, we are doing this to be safe.

What is Run Hide Fight?

Run Hide Fight is a safety protocol recognized by law enforcement and the Department of Homeland Security. The Clarenceville School District chose to implement the Run Hide Fight method based on the recommendation from the Livonia Police Department and because it shows students and staff they have options in threatening situations. Before implementing Run Hide Fight, the District will teach students and staff to barricade and hide. While this is sometimes the best option, the Run Hide Fight concept illustrates there are other options. The District believes that knowing your options — run, hide or fight — increases your chance of survival.

Some important information regarding active shooter lockdown drills:

  • Student training includes practicing the hide portion of Run, Hide, Fight.
  • At the elementary level, staff will discuss Run, Hide, Fight with students.
  • In all schools, the drill begins with the announcement “Lockdown.....Lockdown......Lockdown.....This is a drill. This is a drill. This is a drill.” and ends with the announcement “The drill is now over. Resume normal operations."
  • Following the drill, parents may receive an informational email from their building principal to notify them that the drill was conducted.

The goal of any drill is to improve our ability to protect students. While students and staff are aware the drill will be occurring, in the future, date and time will not be shared so we can better evaluate our emergency preparedness plans and improve our response skills.

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Shop and Give Back to Grandview

Are you an on-line shopper. If so, you can shop and give back to Grandview FOG. By clicking on the link below, you can have a proceed of your purchases to go back to Grandview. You can also go to and select Friends of Grandview as their charity and FOG will get 0.5% of each purchase.

Yearbooks are on sale!!!

It has been an awesome start to the 2021-2022 school year. To remember such a memorable year, consider purchasing a yearbook for your child.

The yearbook is not part of your child's fall picture package, you need to purchase it separately. Below is the yearbook flyer with the details on how to order.

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Free Breakfast and Lunch

Just like last year, Grandview is 100% Free and Reduced, therefore, we are not charging for breakfast or lunch. Every student is eligible for this program, even if you did not qualify for the program in the past. The breakfast & lunch menu can be found online using the link below. However, if a child brings lunch from home, that is fine and is totally fine, but if they wish to get milk, they will have to take a meal. There is no snack options to be purchased and the students will be eating both breakfast and lunch in the classroom.

This week's menu choices....We can only report Monday's choice due to delivery delays. We will send the rest of the menu out via school messenger.


Breakfast: Pancake Wrap

Lunch: Sloppy Joe Sandwich or Peanut Butter and Grape Jelly uncrustable sandwich


Breakfast: Cereal

Lunch: Vegetable Lasagne or Peanut Butter and Grape Jelly uncrustable sandwich


Breakfast: Mini maple waffles

Lunch: Grilled Cheeseburger or Peanut Butter and Grape Jelly uncrustable sandwich


Breakfast: Lucky Charms Cereal with graham crackers

Lunch: Chicken alfredo with breadstick or Peanut Butter and Grape Jelly uncrustable sandwich


Breakfast: Yogurt with graham cracker

Lunch: Classic pepperoni pizza or Peanut Butter and Grape Jelly uncrustable sandwich

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Tuesday Night Night

Every Tuesday, through Facebook Live, I will be hosting a Tuesday Night Night event. Every Tuesday night, I will be reading a book to the Grandview students. This is a way for me to connect with the students, as well as, ensure that nightly reading is happening for our students. The videos will go live at 8:00 pm. To view them, just come on to the Grandview Facebook Homepage. If you miss it, they will be at the Grandview Elementary facebook page to view after the event. I will be taking suggestions for books, so post away in our site so that I know what my Grandview readers want to hear at night. Can't wait to do what I love most....reading to students!!!
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Early Release Wednesday's

Just a friendly reminder that every Wednesday, Grandview students will be released at 2:10 pm for professional learning for our Grandview staff. This is EVERY Wednesday for the 2021-2022 school year.

Popcorn Days!!

Popcorn days are a HIT. They will be two times a month on Wednesday's. The students will sign up with their classroom teacher and will turn in their money into their classroom teacher. Below are the next popcorn day dates. All proceeds go to FOG.

Future, FOG popcorn dates are:

February 23

Bags of popcorn is $.50 per bag. Students can only purchase 2 bags as the limit.

FOG Calendar and Position are available

Additionally, there is 1 FOG position available for the 2020-2021 school year, as well as some committees to chair. We are looking for a president to join this amazing team. We love our volunteers and Grandview needs volunteers to help provide lots of opportunity for our students!!

The power of conversation

Each day take time to have a conversation with your child. We all lead busy lives, but it takes such little time to ask your child a quick question that lets your child know that you value them, their day and their education. Above are a few ideas to help spark the conversation and below are even more. Take time....the rewards are everlasting.

COVID Protocols

Safety is the #1 priority. We now have a district nurse now employed through the Clarenceville School District that will be on-site three days a week to assist us with any of our COVID and other health needs. Hear the safety measures that we will be upholding in school.

  • Mask mandate is in effect for staff and students, please see Mr. Shepich's letter about the mandate.
  • Uphold 3 feet of social distancing
  • Eat breakfast and lunch in the classroom
  • Cohorting with classes, which means there is no mixture between classes
  • Limit the number of students in the bathroom at one time
  • Frequent hand washing and/or sanitizing
  • Air purifying systems within the classroom
  • Windows and doors will be opened for cross circulation
  • Sanitation of desks, supplies, and materials when needed and before and after eating

School Hours

School hours have been changed. The school day is now

8:30-3:40. 1/2-day ends at 11:30.

School Doors open at 8:20 and the students will report to the hallway outside their classroom. At 8:25, the first bell rings and the 2nd bell rings at 8:30, when learning begins. Dismissal begins at 3:40.

Your child is marked tardy starting at 8:40 and students will not be released after 3:15 unless advance notice was given. Attendance is so important, especially with all the learning that was lost due to the pandemic. We need your children in school each and every day!!

Morning Drop Off

As your building principal, my #1 job is to ensure that your child is safe at Grandview. In order to maintain safety, Grandview will not be open until 8:20, while we are training new families, we may let off earlier. Buses are dropping off at 8:20 and the car loop doors will open at 8:15-8:20. At 8:20, when the children come into the building, they will report to their classroom and wait until the bell rings at 8:25. We will have staff on sight helping students to find their classroom.

A few reminders

In the Back of the school:

  • Please form 3 lines to help with the flow of traffic and then alternate 1, 2, and 3.
  • Please make sure your child exits your car on the side closest to the building. They should not walk around your car. This is for their safety.
  • Also remember, you may not park in the back of the building and walk your children in. Let’s all keep our kids safe!
  • If you are a walker, the please have your child walk in through the back door.

In the Front of the school:

  • This is only to be used for busses
  • Starting next week, we will be splitting up upper and lower elementary dismissal locations
  • There is NO Parent Walk-up as visitors are NOT allowed in the building while we are under COVID restrictions

If your child is late:

  • The doors in the back of the building will close at 8:35. If you arrive to school after that, you will have to report to the front of the building, be buzzed in and sign your child in.
  • Tardies are tracked and could lead to truancy should excessive tardies become a trend.

Afternoon Drop Off

In the Back of the school:

Our wonderful staff is working hard to help your children get into their cars safely. Please be patient as we all perfect routines. You can play a part by forming 3 lines in the back and hanging your sign with your children's name on it from last year. If you are new this year or to this process, we will be giving you a new sign the first week of school. Safety always wins!


Walkers will be released to their adult through the back.

Please note: Starting next week, we will have lower el picking up in the front of the school. Look for that information coming to you next week.

Late Drop off and Early Pick Up

If you are running late (after 8:35 am), students must enter through the front doors WITH A PARENT in order to be signed in at the front office. Please do not try and enter the back of the building as GSRP students will be dropped off after 8:30.

Tardy is marked starting at 8:40.

Children will not be allowed an early dismissal from the office after 3:15 pm so we can ensure a calm and safe end to the day for all students. Please plan accordingly.

Volunteering at School

As of right now, due to COVID restrictions, we will not be allowing visitors into Grandview. Therefore, there will be no volunteers.

Job Opportunity

Substitute Noon Aides are needed. This job involves supervising children in the lunch room and on the playground from 11:10am-1:40pm. Please stop in at the office to get an application if you are interested. You would need to be fingerprinted (approximately $58 cost) before working.

Grandview and Kroger

We get money from Kroger if you add Grandview to your profile. Thank you to all of you who have already added Grandview to your account. Though know that it is never too late to sign-up and join!!! So shop away, Grandview is benefitting from your grocery shopping!

To Use the Kroger Community Rewards Program:
Simply encourage your participants to visit Once logged into their Kroger account they can search for Friends of Grandview either by name or TH003 and then click Enroll. New users will need to create an account which requires some basic information, a valid email address and a rewards card.

*Customers must have a registered Kroger rewards card account to link to your organization.
*If a member does not yet have a Kroger rewards card, please let them know they are available at the customer service desk at any Kroger

REMEMBER, purchases will not count for your organization until after your participants register their rewards card.
Participants must swipe their registered Kroger rewards card or use the phone number that is related to their registered Kroger rewards card when shopping for each purchase to count.

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Please Connect

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