Book Analysis By: Katelyn Marion

Marine Biology For The Non-Biologist

Title: Marine Biology For The Non- Biologist

Author: Andrew Caine BSc.

Summary: This is a book that tells you all about the world under the big blue sea. It tells you about the different animals that live there, the coral reefs, and the different plants.

If you want to know about the living creatures of the sea, then this is the book to read.

My personal opinion of the book:

I absolutely. Love anything that has to do with the ocean. Animals, plants, coral. I think it's all beautiful. So I really like this book, plus it gives you all of these different facts about the different things.

This book connects to class by telling the origin of life. Caine really believed that humans had evolved form different sea creatures, just like the documentary we had to watch. Although I disagree with that, I still really enjoyed the book.

" If we look at the earth from a satellite photograph we can see that about 71% of the earth’s surface is seawater. This vast mass has an average depth of 3.4 km, the deepest area being just over 11km deep and if we removed the seas and levelled the solid rock into a perfect sphere, then replaced the waters we would have body of water encompassing the earth 2.5km deep."