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Bayyari Elementary School Newsletter, Springdale, AR

2020-2021, Issue 27, March 14, 2021

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Weekly Memo

Spring is almost here and we know our teachers and students deserve a week off from school to enjoy family time and rest.

We finished the 3rd quarter of school on Friday, March 12, 2021. We are in the final stretch for completing another successful year at Bayyari. It has not been a normal year, yet our staff and students have worked so hard. We are so proud of our Bayyari Bears!

If you need anything or have any questions, please contact us at 479-750-8760 or email us at

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March 15-19

We will have a book fair in the library. Students will be allowed to attend if they bring money to shop on their library day. Please check with your child's teacher to find out their library schedule or contact the office.

Lexia Update

47 students leveled up this week! Lexia is a fun way to allow students to work on their reading level and "level up". Ask your child what they are working on in Lexia. They are adding so many skills to their reading belt, but we want to make sure they transfer over from the computer to apply in all of their reading and writing.
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Counselor's Corner - Mrs. McGinnis

Have You Caught Your Child Swearing?

I read a very interesting article about how to redirect swearing in the home. This article titled “How to Appropriately Discipline A Child for Swearing” at was very insightful. It's not uncommon for children to repeat words that they have heard. Sometimes the words that children repeat are not the nicest words. They may hear these words at home, from a relative or friend, on a movie or just from television. Since swearing is not appropriate language from children, this article was very helpful at providing some steps for redirection:

· Make sure that your child is aware of your family values.

· Make sure your child has strong communication skills.

· Make sure your child is not swearing because of anger management issues or impulse control. If this is the case, sometimes counseling can help provide tools for these types of issues.

It’s important that you are always a good role model and that you are always modeling accordingly. Children will pick up behaviors that they see from adults around them. If you continue to have problems with your child after trying these suggestions then, other measures may have to be taken. The article suggests that consequences such as time out or starting a swear jar may be appropriate. If that doesn’t work you can try positive rewards for clean language. I hope these suggestions will help if you are having problems with your child swearing.

Health and Wellness

Please remember to fill out the COVID form at if your child has been exposed to someone who tests positive for COVID or if they are positive for COVID. Also, please let Nurse Alicia or the office know.

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ACT Aspire Testing Grades 3rd - 5th

Mark your calendars for our next important testing dates. All of our students in grades 3rd-5th grade will be taking our state standardized test the week of April 5-9th. All students, including blended learners will test all five days that week. Plan on sending your child to school every day that week if they are blended. If you have appointments for this week, we ask that you reschedule them to not interfere with your child's testing. Although we offer make up testing sessions when students are absent, it is always best for students to test with their peers and teacher.

Upcoming Dates

  • March 1st and 2nd Virtual Student Led Conferences
  • March 1st Kindergarten Registration Opens
  • March 22nd -26th Spring Break
  • April 5-9 ACT Aspire Testing
  • April 16 Spring Pictures

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