Lead poisoning

Municipal Water of Flint Michigan

Flint, Michigan, Is one of largest group of fresh water bodies in the world with 70 miles.But the residents can't get clean water from their taps.

2 years ago with an attempt of saving money the stated decided money with switching Flint's water's source from Lake Huron which is located in Detroit to the Flint river. After a while the residents started to see that the water smell and taste dirty. It even looked dirty

This was said by one of the resident in the area, "The water would come in brown and my daughter was like... why is it brown"

But what residents couldn't see was far worse. About half of the service lines to homes in Flint are made of lead and because the water wasn't properly treated, began leaching into the water foundation and also to the iron.

The city and state officials said that everything was fine. to Prove that the Former Flint Mayor Dayne Walling offer himself o drink the water in live television and in a public area.

But after a test made by researches of Virginia tech. Showed how the state was wrong and that the water was toxic and dangerous.

The state refused to admit it and continued saying that their test were more accurate.

The Hero Doctor is Dr.Mona Hanna-Attisha a pedriatic in Flint's Hurley Medical Center

She was more and more worried parents fretting over rashes and hair loss.

Dr. Mona, realized there was a way to determine whether the water was affecting kids.

The Medicare requires to keep records of blood lead levels in toddlers. The comparison had a big issue. Lead levels doubled and even tripled in some cases.

In the beginning, the state denounced her work, saying she was causing just trouble. They spent a week attacking her before admitting she was right.

Lead poisoning is irreversible. Pediatricians such as Hanna-Attisha fear the Flint children who tested with elevated levels will suffer lifelong consequences.

In the pictures you can see Dr.Mona, A woman carrying water to her house, A michigan resident showing that the water is brown, And the Former Mayor Dayne

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