The Downfall of the French

By: Emma Henderson and Maheera Siddique

Map of the Franco-Prussian War

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Map of North German Confederation (red) and the Southern German States (orange) and Alsace-Lorraine (beige, which was a territory created by the German Empire).

Major Conflicts

Franco-Prussian War in 1870 was a conflict between France and Germany. France did not want a unified Germany because they had a ton of military power and imperialistic values.The biggest problem that France had was with Otto Edward Leopold because he was trying to eliminate France's influence over Germany.

Major Military Leaders During the Franco-Prussian War


Gambetta surrendered to Germany. This lead to a ceasefire. There was a Treaty of Frankfurt. French Province of Alsacé and Lorraine were seceded to the German empire. 5 billion gold francs were also to be paid in full, which is the modern equivalent of one million dollars.

Personal Commentary - Do you really want to read this? ...

We're disappointed that France gave up so easily and let the terms in the treaty be so awful. We think they just got really tired of the war and wanted to end. They also had to pay off Germany with five billion francs. That could have been handled a little better.

1) Who was Léon Gambetta?

a) A French Sympathizer

b) A German Leader

c) A French Military General

d) Russian Emperor

2.) Why did France go to war with Germany?

A.) French/German rulers didn´t like each other.

B.) Germany felt threatened by Russia, who was an ally of France.

C.) France stopped trading with Germany.

D.) France did not want Germany to unify due to their military might and imperialistic views.

What was the treaty that ended the Franco-Prussian War?

A.) Treaty of Westphalia

B.) Treaty of Dover

C.) Treaty of Frankfurt

D.) Treaty of Prussia