New Jersey

Visit the first board walk in the world.


New Jersey is an awesome state with great things to offer.You will learn about some of fun facts like New Jersey resources,locations and places to visit and state facts.I hope you have fun at the first board walk in the world.


New Jersey has many resources 1 is crop.It is blueberries,cranberries,peaches and tomatoes.Tomatoes and peaches grow on trees.Blueberries and cranberries grows on plants.New Jersey is cool!

Locations and land forms

New Jersey has an interesting location.It's the first in the world Atlantic city board walk 30 million people walk on the wooden side walk a year.It has games,food,ride and shop too.The board walk is on the Atlantic Ocean.It sounds fun I want go there!

Fun Facts

New Jersey has many cool facts like population,nicknames,state animal and state sports team.New Jerseys population is 8,791,894.Thats allot for a little state.New Jerseys state nickname is the clam state.Because they catch clams in the ocean.New Jerseys state animal is a horse.Because New Jersey has more than 600,000 horses.New Jerseys state sports team is New Jerseys state sports team is the New Jerseys is the Bruins.The population,nickname,state animal and state sport team facts are cool.

Interesting places to visit

New Jersey has allot of fun places to visit like. New Jersey state aquarium Edison National Historic Site.The Atlantic city board walk is were you visit to shop,go on rides,eat and walk.New Jersey state Aquarium has 4,000 fish with 760,000 gallons of water.That's 2,876,904 liters of water.Edison national historic site is in West Orange.Thomas Edison home and research laboratory has 29 rooms places to visit is Atlantic city board walk, Edison national historic site,New Jersey state Aquarium.


New Jersey is a fantastic place to visit.I have told you about resources,some fun facts,couple of fun places to visit and some state facts and locations.I hope you could try to go to the state has the first board walk in the world.
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