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What is miPic?


miPic is an online community and marketplace for mobile artographers to share, buy, sell their pics and earn commission from every public sale.

Print your own or buy from any of our users worldwide as stunning products and they can earn money for free.

With thousands of Photography apps available on the App Store...

Who prints them?

Don't just like a pic, when you can buy miPic!

Enjoy... :)

The miPic team

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The big idea...

Sitting on a beach day dreaming way back when...

miPic was born from wanting to sell our own artography to a wider audience. We then thought, why not sell everyone's to a global audience. By providing the platform for people like ourselves to share their awesome artography and even make money from public sales.

We aim to establish miPic as the place to print and showcase the best in mobile artography from distribution centres worldwide. :)


Upload your favourite eye catching images to miPic.
Search the interactive miPic gallery by colour, hashtag and location.

Users who tag their photos and drop a pin on the map have got more chance of being seen.

Purchase your own images as stunning giclee prints or share your gallery with a global audience and earn money every time you make a sale.


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Meet the miPic team!

Carl (right) - Founder and Architect at miPic, literally. With an arty background and passion for photography, Carl oversees all aspects of design and business development.

Quoted - "I've spotted something. This image is 1 pixel out of alignment!" (discussing app layouts)

Ash (left) - Our Chief web guru, responsible for front end design and back end development.

Quoted - “There is no such thing as deadlines in Web Development, it’s never ending, so let us meditate” (Prior to launch)

Shabeer (centre) - The iOS geek! Looks after all things native iOS development tasks and plays FIFA when he gets a chance.

Quoted - “I wanted to show you what I can do, so I stayed up and built an app” (At 5am, before his interview)

We hope you like the miPic platform we have created for you artographers to showcase your work! Hopefully you make some money from it too… :)


This is a place for our ideas, brainstorming new products, promoting cool apps and general ramblings....


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