Langston Hughes

By: Jaylen Poole

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What About Langston Hughes

  • Born in 1902 in Joplin,Missouri and Died on May 22,1967
  • He started writing during his senior year in high school
  • He was very important during the Renaissance
  • He's face was put on a stamp marking his 100th birthday
  • He made 60 books during 1926 & 1967

What were the Awards that Langston Hughes Earned

Harmon Gold Medal for Literature (1930)
Guggenheim Fellowship (1935)
Honorary Doctor of Letters, Lincoln University (1943)
NAACP Spingarn Medal (1960)
American Academy of Arts and Letters (1961)

Dear Lovely Death


Dear lovely death
That taketh all things under wing-
Never to kill-
Only to change
Into some other thing
This suffering flesh,
To make it either more or less,
Yet not again the same-
Dear lovely death, Change is thy other name.

Why I selected these poet

I selected Hughes because he is very inspiring and he speaks about his life I think that is really inspiring.
Cross By Langston Hughes Read By Jaylen