S'more L.A. News from Mrs. Drudy

"We exist so children can excel."

What We're Learning in 6th Grade Language Arts

Students just finished reading Mother Fletcher's Gift with a focus on characterization. This week they will read Viva New Jersey and the focus will shift to comparing & contrasting and summarizing. The phonics skill in our spelling words this week is r-controlled vowels. I tend to call them "Bossy R's". We we also be looking at independent vs. dependent clauses. This week's study guide may be found here.

Additionally, students will soon be introduced to amazing classroom technology with Clickers, individual handheld devices that allow students to input answer choices that will be sent to me to assess understanding. In our technology-driven world, we simply must give our students the tools to stay abreast of our ever-changing communication. I am certain that, once students get proficient with using them, they'll love them. I know I do!

S'more Notes from the Teacher

Mrs. Frondorf, our school librarian, has visited all classrooms to explain the new incentives for the Accelerated Reader (AR) and Young Hoosier Books programs. While participation in the incentive program is optional--yet encouraged--I have told my students that I am requiring them to accumulate 10 AR points per grading period. This should not be difficult for students to do. There are several suggestions for books on my classroom website under the "Resources/Student Help" tab. My classroom website may be found by going to the Mt. Carmel School homepage and clicking on "Class Websites" on the right hand side. From there, simply click on "Mrs. Drudy's Class Page." In this section there is also a link to this year's Young Hoosier Books. I am hopeful that you will find at least some of this information helpful throughout the year.