Akamatsu Mitsuske

Assassin of Shogun Ashikaga Yoshinori


Akamatsu Mitsuske is the son of Akamatusu Yoshinori. He was the great leader of the Akamatsu clan. Ashikaga was the leader of the Ashikaga Shogunate. Akamatsu was a trained samurai. He began training when he was very young. After the death of Ashikaga the yamana clan took actions. They were the strongest samurai clan and the death of Ashikaga did not go over easy with them. He was also over powered by the Hosokawa clan. They were under the rule of Ashikaga. After many years of running from his fate. One night he had a dream a overcame them. He was defeated. And in defeat he was forced to commit suicide. He died around age 40.