The south west

By Chase Stout

The south west


One of the major landforms in the south west is the Grand canyon. The grand canyon has towering peaks to deep basins the grand canyon is located in Arizona. So if you are in Arizona visiting then be sure to come and see the Grand canyon.

Major bodies of water

Some of the major bodies of water in this area is the pacific ocean, the gulf of Mexico, the red river, colorado river, and the Arknasaw river.

The climate in this area is hot and dry. Most of the states in this region are in the tornado rally this means the state gets more tornados than any were else.

The different names of the different states In this region are Phoenix Arizona it has 1,445,632 people living in Phoenix Arizona, in New Mexico the capital is santa fe it has 69,204 people living in it in 2012, in Oklahoma the major city is Oklahoma city it has 610,613, in Mexico the major city is Austin it has 885,400 people living there

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Natural wonder

Monument Vally is a dry dessert area with mountains, sand, Rocks, and is a Hot area. Monument Vally is located in Utah. Monument Vally is important because John Ford and John Wayne made the movie Stagecoach there the movie that brought Monument Vally attention. Monument Vally is interesting because the Navajo indians have lived in the Vally for generations.

Economy Notes

Some of the natural resources in the south west are lumber, silver, oil, borax, gold, and some man made ones are farming, potatoes, tomatoes, garlic, peppers, and thats some man made resources and natural resources. The products are bread, wheat, and cereal because they do mostly farming and cropping in this region.

The major crops in this area are potato's, lettuce, onion's in the spring. Tomatoes, beans and peppers in the summer. The top 10 crops in the south west are potato's, garlic, cherry tomato's, carrot's, bulb onion's, slicing tomatoes, summer squash, snow snap pea,

paste tomatoes, and sweet pepper's. So if you like any of those than come down to the south west to get the best! The type of land effects how the farmers can grow there crop's in this area.

Phoenix Arizona

Phoenix is the capital and is the largest city in the state of Arizona. Phoenix is located in Arizona and more than 37million people visit phoenix. Phoenix is interesting because it has an aquarium for your family to visit when you go there. some of the other attractions are. The Arizona science center, the Heard Museum, the desert Botanical garden, Bank one ball park, the Phoenix zoo, Phoenix art museum and the Phoenix symphony. This place has something for everyone! I hope you have a fun time in phoenix Arizona!
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