April 5, 2016

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Aprenda Testing: April 5-8, Intermediate & Upper

Please be considerate of our students who will be testing while transitioning throughout the school.

Be Fit

Total Body Workout-Mondays 3:30 Rms 7/8

Zumba-Tuesdays 3:30 Rms 7/8

Yoga- Thursdays 3:30 Rms 7/8

Wednesday Meetings


Present drafts of ESR and share feedback. SNACK-Intermediate

Wednesday, April 13:

Vision Committee: Plan for final ESR share out May 11 and May 18

Seismic Safety (adapted from Employee-Safety Handbook)

Earthquakes are frequent occurrences in California. Education and advance preparation are essential to earthquake preparedness and safety. Every employee can play a part in seismic safety by following some basic guidelines:

· Secure heavy equipment and properly store hazardous materials. Never store heavy items on top of cabinets or shelves or place them around exits. Facilities Management can anchor equipment and furniture to walls and install appropriate restraints for other items.

· Practice “Drop, Cover, and Hold” drills every month in every classroom. Practice taking cover so that it becomes second nature to you in the event of an earthquake. Always take cover quickly during an earthquake, because you face the greatest risk of injury from falling materials and flying items.


· Drop, cover and hold on. Get under a strong desk or table. If there is not adequate cover, move to a corridor, sit on the floor and brace yourself against a wall while covering your head.

· Avoid windows and objects that can fall.

· Be prepared for aftershocks.

· Check the people around you for injuries and provide first aid.

· Remain in the building if the quake was minor.

· Evacuate the building if the quake was severe and proceed to your designated emergency evacuation point.

· If you are outdoors: Move to a clear area, avoiding buildings and trees.

· If you are trapped in debris:

o Move as little as possible so that you don’t kick up dust. Cover your nose and mouth with a handkerchief or clothing.

o Tap on a pipe or wall so that rescuers can hear you. Use a whistle if one is available.


· Never use elevators during an earthquake, even if they appear safe.

· After a major earthquake, don’t use elevators until they have been evaluated by the proper authorities.

· Don’t run outdoors. You can be killed or injured by falling debris. It is safer to remain indoors, unless there is a fire or gas leak.

· Don’t move seriously injured persons unless they are in immediate danger of a gas leak, hazardous material spill, fire or falling debris.


Inquiry Maker Day 2.0 - Fri. April 15

New date: Friday, April 15

8:15 am to 3:00pm

in the iSTEAM lab

Creek Week Assembly

April 22, 8:15 on the Black Top

VST Meeting

Wednesday, 4/6

  • 2:00pm-3:00pm, CR

TLC Meeting

Friday, 4/8

  • 3:15-4:45pm, CR


Tech Help Request Forms

If you need help from our Tech gurus and they are out of the office when you visit, please complete the form on their door, they will attend to your request as soon as possible. This is not to replace help desk requests but to bring time sensitive requests to the front of the line.


Ropes Course

What a wonderful way to come back from break. Through the rain, and the cold, we hung in there and the sun showed up! So wonderful to see us all taking risks, trying something new and supporting one another throughout!

Shout out to our Wonderful Teacher Assistants

Whether communicating with parents, leveling books and most importantly working with students, we appreciate all that you do! Thank you.

Family Read Aloud

Thank you Judith, Olivia and MaryLou for a wonderful evening. Without Community Hall, this year had its challenges and together with the help of parent volunteers, Family Read Aloud was a delightful success.



Please do your part, recycle!

Por favor haga su parte, reciclar.


Tricia Konves

It is with immense appreciation that we say "see you soon Nurse Tricia Konves" as she embarks on a new journey. She has accepted a position in Atlanta, with Humana. In December, she received her Case Management Board Certification which allows her to provide much needed elderly care in their homes. This new adventure will also allow Tricia to be closer to her family. We will all miss you!

Catherine (Cathy) Polanco

Cathy is originally from Los Angeles. She attended university in San Francisco and studied Psychology. In the four years she lived up north San Fransisco quickly became her favorite city. Cathy volunteers at animal shelters on the weekends and has an adopted dog named Polly. Let's all welcome her to our school family, as she joins our team of Positive Support Specialists.

Yan Sandler

Welcome Yan as a new member of our Positive Behavior Support Specialists! Yan was born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. He lives in the San Fernando Valley and is bilingual in Russian and English. Yan is a reptile enthusiast and puts on live reptile shows as a part-time job. He finds great fulfillment working with children and is overjoyed to be a staff member of UCLA Lab School.


IRS: Here’s What You Need to Do with Forms 1095-A, 1095-B and 1095-C

You, your employees or your clients may receive one or more forms that provide information about 2015 health coverage. These forms are 1095-A, 1095-B and 1095-C. The following health care tax tips provide some answers to common questions about these forms:

Form 1095-A: What you need to do with this form

Form 1095-B: What you need to do with this form

Form 1095-C: What you need to do with this form

For more information on these forms, see our Questions and Answers about health care information forms for individuals.

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UC Regents approve retirement program for future employees

UC Regents approve retirement program for future employees

The plan is part of a broader effort to maintain the university’s excellence and sustain its long-term financial health.

Racial inequality reflected in algebra classes | Los Angeles Times

April 18: Sherry Turkle, "Reclaiming Conversation: The Power of Talk in a Digital Age"

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