Tulsa Testing Updates: 5/5/15

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Grades 6-8 Reading and English EOI Re-takes

Students who did not view the 2nd story on the online reading tests have the opportunity to take an Equivalent Test. Students should click on the tab labeled 2 at the top of the page to see the second passage. Since many students had already taken their ELA test before this information was shared, if the student feels knowing this would make a difference on their performance, the student may take the Equivalent test with the parent's consent.

Please submit the names of the students to Erin and Becky by Thursday, May 7 so we can get an online test ordered.

By signing the form and returning it to the school, the student and parent are agreeing to DROP the first score on their test and retake the Reading test. Remember, the score reported back will ONLY be the EQUIVALENT TEST. Even if a student scores lower on the 2nd test, this is the one that will be reported.

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The last day for any paper/pencil tests to be returned is Thursday, May 7.

We must have all Binders and Paper Test booklets/answer documents by this day as well.

DLM EOI Tests Due May 8

DLM has given an extension for all testlets to be completed by this Friday, May 8. If you have any questions about DLM, please contact Becky.

Last Minute OCCT Reminders

  • Please remind Test Administrators and Proctors to use the 'buddy system' during testing. There must always be 2 trained adults in the room at all times during test administration.
  • Test Administrators should not be using computers during test administration.
  • Test Administrators and Proctors should be observant of what's happening in the room during testing.
  • Test Administrators may have cell phones to use only for contacting the BTC in emergency situations.

MAP and MPG Testing (Grades K-4)

The MAP and MPG test window is open! If you need students moved to different classes on MAP, please email Erin, Becky, or Natalie Hutto. We will get these students moved to the correct class. If the student has no profile on MAP, you can create a new one. Please don't duplicate student profiles- email us to move the enrollment. Remember to assign the correct tests to each grade level.

Please make sure to assign the correct tests, especially to 2nd graders!

K-2 will take: MAP for Primary Grades Reading and Math (use headphones)

3rd grade will take: MAP: 2-5 Common Core Reading, Math, and Language Arts

4th graders still on probationary promotion will take: MAP: 2-5 Common Core Reading

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Important Dates

May 7- All Paper/Pencil Tests Due

May 7- Submit Invalidations for Reading Equivalents

May 8-OAAP Submission and Testing Deadline (DLM)

May 15- End of Online Testing- All online testing forms Due


May 15- Last Day for MAP/MPG Testing

Archived Newsletters

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Assessment Team

Erin Lester

Becky Baker

Vicki Shannon

Located at the TPS Enrollment Center- 8AM-4:30PM, Monday through Friday