Quitters, INC.

Stephen King

The central conflict of Quitters, INC. Is not what you would expect. In this story the main character Dick Morison, See's his old time friend who looks to be in great shape. His friend tells him about a company "Quitters, INC." which he described as life changing. When Dick first signs up he's in for more then he bargained for.

The rising action is when Dick first enters Quitters Inc, and signs up. The story reaches its climax when his wife gets tortured in the rabbit chamber. The falling action is when Dicks year of no smoking is up and he pays Quitters INC for helping him quit smoking and lose weight. The resolution is when he recommends Quitters INC to others and tells them that they changed his life.

The reason Dick try's to quit smoking is for his family, when in fact his family is used against him in horrendous ways to force Dick to stop smoking. This short story's internal conflict is Dick trying to stop smoking, The external is that every time he smokes his family will get tortured in horrendous ways.

The theme of this story is not to do something just for the sake of doing it, but instead do it because you want to. Quitters INC, forces people to do things once they sign up so its your choice to sign up but you cant sign off. Imagery was mostly used in this short story to show what happens if you give into the urge to smoke, and by doing so they made the consequences so severe that no one would be able to smoke. By torturing the smokers family they were able to force the smoker to stop smoking and give it up completely.

The reason this story is worth reading is because its both interesting and contains all the literary devices that make a story great. This short-story makes you really look deeply into yourself and wonder how badly you would want to quit something to sign your name onto a piece of paper that would forever make you quit but also come at harsh consequences.

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