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Types of Dental Air Compressor

A dental air compressor is an important apparatus in a dentist’s office. The compressed air supplied by the air compressor is used for blow-drying the patient’s teeth. The quality of air used for different procedures should be free from contaminants. Hence, only good quality dental compressors should be used by dentists.

How Dental Air Compressor Works

A dental air compressor works like any other standard workshop air compressor. It captures oxygen from the atmosphere and then compresses it. The compressed oxygen is then utilized for different dental procedures. A dental air compressor is designed to produce contaminant free air. Microorganisms and pollutants, if present in the compressed air, can cause serious health problems when inhaled or swallowed by the patient undergoing dental treatment.

Common Problems of Dental Air Compressors

Common problems associated with dental air compressors include low oxygen volume, malfunctions in the drying mechanism and leakage. Most of these problems can be avoided by buying good quality air compressors. Moreover, the size of the air compressor also determines the efficiency of a dental air compressor. Dental air compressors come in different sizes. Depending upon your workload, choose a small, medium or large air compressor. In addition, regular maintenance is needed to prevent failures in the functioning of the equipment.

Types of Dental Air Compressors

Oil Lubricated Dental Air Compressor

Several decades ago, oil lubricated air compressor was the only option for producing compressed air. To prevent oil from getting into the mouth, a filter was integrated in the air compressor to absorb oil from the air before the compressed air was supplied to the dental handsets. However, traces of oil in liquid or vapour form would still remain in the air despite use of filters. Moreover, the filters should be changed frequently to maintain the filtering ability of the air compressor.

Oilless Dental Air Compressor

The drawbacks of oil lubricated dental air compressors can be avoided by using oil-free air compressor. The oilless air compressors are capable of produce 100 percent pure air, free from oil and other contaminants. However, the oil-free air compressors are vulnerable to corrosion. Nonetheless, risk of corrosion can be minimized by using air compressors with galvanized stainless steel or plastic piping and other components.

Air Dryers in Dental Air Compressor

Dental air compressor models offer two types of air dryer options – refrigerated compressed air dryers and desiccant compressed air dryer. As presence of moisture in the compressed air promotes growth of microbes, the compressed air needs to be dried completely before it is used for dental procedures.

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Benefits of X-Ray Imaging With Dental Digital Sensor

Presently, rather than the standard final movies, electronic digital X-ray detectors are used regarding capturing X-ray photographs. This kind of kind of radiography, also called electronic radiography, is widely used currently regarding capturing electronic digital photographs of oral houses.

Dentist radiography is usually an critical analysis tool. A tooth digital is put in the jaws to help seize unique intra-oral radiographic opinions. By simply understanding this radiographic image, a dental office detects cavities, bone fragments loss, infectious in addition to unnatural tooth houses.

Advantages of Employing Dentist A digital Sensor

There are lots of advantages of employing tooth detectors regarding radiographic imaging. This digital are hugely delicate to help X-rays. Contact with a small amount of rays is sufficient regarding triggering this detectors. Moreover, this time-consuming development strategy of final movies is usually avoided by employing digital detectors. Generally, this radiographic image harnessed through electronic radiographic detectors can be looked at very quickly using the pc tv screen. Also, this electronic photographs stored in the pc is usually zoomed within or even superior to offer a better understanding of this oral difficulties with the patients. The modern digital offer premium quality quality, creating electronic digital radiography the most beneficial tool regarding the diagnosis of periodontal conditions, enamel decay and other tooth difficulties.

Options that come with Dentist A digital Sensor

An electronic digital sensor includes a hugely delicate rays detector. That they are created from sometimes amorphous selenium or even amorphous silicon. Beyond just the detector, a tooth sensor comes with software package in addition to UNIVERSAL SERIES BUS relationship. This detectors come with spherical edges to adjust to easily in the jaws.

Sorts of Dentist Radiographic Views

A tooth electronic sensor is utilized regarding generating this periapical look at with the anterior in addition to posterior tooth. This periapical look at with the tooth assists dental practices to watch the fundamental of any distinct enamel plus the your bones all-around the item. It may help dental practices to help approach endodontic remedy.

This bitewing look at harnessed having tooth digital assists dental practices to watch this crowns with the posterior tooth. What's more, it assists dental practices assess the elevation of alveolar bone fragments. This bitewing look at is utilized regarding detecting interdental caries in addition to bone fragments loss.

For you to detect difficulties in the palette or even bottom with the jaws, tooth electronic digital is utilized regarding capturing this occlusal look at.

Besides capturing this intraoral radiographic opinions, tooth electronic detectors can also be used by capturing this extraoral radiographic look at. In this kind of electronic digital radiography, this sensor is put beyond the jaws to help seize this radiographic image.

Dentist atmosphere compressor designs offer a couple kinds of atmosphere drier selections – under refrigeration condensed atmosphere dryers in addition to desiccant condensed atmosphere drier. Because presence of moisture in the condensed atmosphere advances growth of microorganisms, this condensed atmosphere should be dry totally before it truly is used by tooth techniques.

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Features of Distal End Cutter

Distal end cutter is an essential orthodontic tool, used for cutting and holding orthodontic arch wire. Cutting the orthodontic arch wire and holding the loose distal end wire is a challenging task for orthodontists. An appropriate distal end cutter is needed for appropriately sizing the metal wires that are used for holding the dental braces in place.

Although a variety of distal cutters designed for cutting arch wire is available on the market, there is significant variation in the quality of the cutters. A good quality distal end cutter should be strong and versatile, capable of cutting and holding a wide range of distal end wires.

Features of Distal End Cutter

Cutting Wires

The cutting capacity of distal end cutters varies. Orthodontic wires are made out of different types of materials. Most of the distal end cutters can easily cut orthodontic wires constructed with stainless steel and titanium close to the buccal tube. However, only the best quality distal end cutters can cut coaxial and twist flex wires easily. As different types of orthodontic arch wires are used in orthodontic treatments, an orthodontist needs a versatile distal end cutter for cutting different dimensions of orthodontic arch wires, regardless of the material used in the wire construction.

Holding Wires

Distal end cutters are also used for holding the loose orthodontic arch wires. The stainless steel and other heavy wires can be easily held by all types of distal cutter. However, only the best quality distal end cutters can properly hold the small diameter wires, such as wires made out of nickel and titanium.

Distal End Cutter Head

Distal end cutters offer different head options. Depending upon the specific requirement for the orthodontic process, an orthodontist can use a distal end cutter with regular head or one with a small head. The small tip of the cutter allows easy access inside the patient’s mouth. The maximum cutting capacity of a good quality small distal end cutter plier is about 0.021 x .025 inches. Distal end cutters offer two types of handle – regular and long. However, the orthodontist is the best person to decide, which type of distal end cutter plier is appropriate in a certain condition.

How to Buy Distal End Cutter

To buy good quality distal end cutters, you may visit an online dental supplies store. Offering a selection of best distal end cutters that are currently available on the market, the online dental supplies stores can help you to find distal end cutters appropriate for your dental jobs.

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Types of Root Canal Sealer

A good quality root canal sealer is essential for increasing the prognosis of endodontic treatment. Endodontic treatment, commonly known as root canal treatment, is used for treating infected and decayed root pulp. To save a badly decayed tooth through the root canal treatment procedure, the infected pulp is removed and the cavity left behind after the removal of the diseased pulp is filled with appropriate filling material and sealed with root canal sealer.

Different types of endodontic sealers are used in root canal therapy. The sealer is a paste-like material. Apart from closing the root canal space, the antibacterial property of the sealer material protects the tissues from bacterial infections. The sealant acts as a barrier to transportation of bacteria in the root canal wall. The sealer used in endodontic therapy should be tissue compatible to minimize irritation and other adverse reactions.

Types of Root Canal Sealers

Zinc Oxide and Eugenol Based Root Canal Sealers

Zinc oxide and eugenol based sealing materials are widely used in endodontic therapy. The sealer comprises of power and liquid. Zinc oxide is the main constituent of the powder part of the sealer, whereas the liquid part of the sealer is made of eugenol. To give the powder part of the sealer a smooth paste-like consistency a resin is added to the powder. The resin also helps to improve the sealing ability of the sealer. These forms of sealers are ideally suited for filling the space between the root canal wall and the gutta percha points. Moreover, the zinc oxide and eugenol-based sealers do not shrink. However, eugenol may cause allergic reactions. To minimize the side effects of eugenol, calcium hydroxide is often added to zinc oxide and eugenol based sealers. Calcium hydroxide, owing to its alkaline property, prevents bacterial growth. However, sealers containing calcium hydroxide usually have a long setting time.

Epoxy Resin Based Sealers

This form of root canal sealer comprising of epoxide resin and an amine paste is preferred by dentists due to its excellent sealing ability and minimal risk of side effects. Epoxy resin based sealers are tissue compatible and less soluble in tissue fluids. Hence, they keep the root canal space sealed for a long time. The non-eugenol sealer is considered a superior alternative to the zinc oxide eugenol based sealing materials.

Other Types of Root Canal Sealers

Other sealers that are occasionally used in endodontic therapy include para formaldehyde cements and glass ionomer based sealant.

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