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Community Newsletter. November 2018

A Message From Sean

I grew up in the 70's and 80's. As I got older, math got harder and harder for me. For awhile, my parents were good sources of help as I struggled solving problems at the dining room table. However, as I progressed into high school, the math became such that my parents could no longer provide me the assistance I needed. Now I am that parent! Mind you, my kiddos are in the 4th grade. However, I am struggling to provide my twins the adequate support at home. Today's approach to learning math requires a conceptual understanding that I never acquired. What happened to the old school way of solving a problem and arriving at an answer? Don't get me wrong. I believe the manner in which our learners are taught math is resulting in deeper thinking and understanding of math. Ultimately, our children are better for it. Inevitably, we all find ourselves, sooner or later, at the dinner table attempting to help our child work through a math problem. I hope to save you a bit of time and heartache. Help is out there. Below is a brief list of resources and links I consult when stumped:

K - 5 Math Resources for Parents

Great Minds Eureka Math

This website includes parent tip sheets that provide strategies, models, key vocabulary, and tips for supporting learning at home. (English and Spanish versions available) Click on the Math tab and then the Parent tab to access the parent tip sheets.



This website follows the Engage New York math lessons. It is perfect for those students who struggle with recalling daily math lessons. It has fluency practice, videos, and targeted checks for understanding.

Lafayette School Resources

  • This website is hands-down one of the best at home resources! Navigate to your grade level on the left hand side of the page. Resources Include:
      • Parent Videos and Games
      • Math Newsletter by subtopics within each module
      • Activities for parents to complete with kids at home

Khan Academy

  • Enter Engage New York in the Search box at the top of the page - results by grade level and module.

Oakdale School Resources

  • This website includes links for K - 5 Math homework help to include videos.
District 49 is the best district to learn, work, and lead in. Yet, as parents and teachers we often don’t consider ourselves learners. So as parents and teachers who are learning alongside you, our goal is to share some excellent resources to not only help your student, but also for them to help themselves. Extending learning that happens via the classroom into our home and extracurricular activities will allow for greater retention of content knowledge and will help your child make important connections. In addition, research indicates that students who regularly use the resources above experience increased achievement in math.

Zone Pillar Recognition


Koenig Goes the Extra Yard for $1000 Grant

Congratulations to Mr. Mark Koenig who was awarded a $1,000 grant to go towards supplies in his classroom and was recognized on the field during the home game on Sept. 29 against Nevada. On Friday, Sept 21st, the AFA Falcon came to surprise Mr. Koenig at Remington Elementary in front of his class with what he won. Only 10 teachers were selected from the entire Pikes Peak Area. The student who nominated him, Rex Pieffer, was also on hand to give his congratulations!. Find out more about Mr. Koenig's award here!

Student Success

SCHS Cadet Reaches New Heights with Pilots' License

In January of 2018, Air Force JROTC selected 120 students from across the nation to attend civilian flight schools to get their private pilots license. Daniel Roach, a senior Air Force JROTC student at SCHS, was selected and awarded a full scholarship this past summer and was able to complete the 8 week program. Normally, the costs of a Private Pilots License is approximately $12,000. Congratulations to Daniel on this wonderful accomplishment! Learn more about Daniel's experience here!

STEM Night was Out of This World at RES

On Tuesday, Sept 25th, Remington hosted a STEM night for students and parents. Activities and Events included: an Indoor Planetarium, Natures Educators, swag bags full of resources for each family, parent math education, "Gross Food", "Speedometry" from Parent to Parent, a Game Walk- similar to a pie walk but with family games, Breakout Edu- math based escape rooms, Measurement Olympics from the USAFA, and a few more different STEM based activities. The event had food trucks available for families to have dinner. The night was a great success!

Horizon Staff Dance Gets Kids Excited to Excel

The staff at Horizon performed a dance number to get kids excited for Renaissance this year. The program recognizes students who excel academically. The faculty dance has become a new tradition and students look forward to the performance each year. Check out the video below for the staff in action!

Growth and Innovation

Sand Creek Gets New Learning Spaces

Sand Creek not only received new carpet and fresh paint but also had many new spaces revamped for optimal learning. Below are photos taken in the brand new spaces: the library, the commons (cafeteria), and 1 of 4 blended classroom spaces. The football field has been turfed and the track was just painted last weekend!

Springs Ranch Gets Face Lift

Springs Ranch received new carpeting throughout the school. Also, brand new playground equipment was added to the campus for students to enjoy. The library has also been refurnished!


SRES Walk A Thon Donates $1500 to Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Springs ranch held their 6th annual Walk A Thon in August originally as a healthy alternative fundraiser and turned into supporting a greater need in the community. This year, the Walk-A-Thon raised over $1,500 to help the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo do some of their repairs after the damaging hail storm they suffered earlier this summer. This is one of the most well-attended school events by our students, parents, and community. They had a great time walking, dancing, and building community within the school, while raising money for a great causes. Healthy snacks were provided to participants by the Healthy School Committee at SRES. Brian Hepperle, 3rd grade teacher, and Jeff Ingram, psychical education teacher, host the event and call it one of their favorite days of the year.

A Stand Out Parent at RES

The Sand Creek Zone is extremely grateful for the commitment to our students and staff at Remington that Sadie Russell provides for them every day. Mrs. Russell is very nurturing. You will find her in the halls reading with children, creating engaging bulletin boards and bringing coffee to teachers. This is just a snippet of the many wonderful things Mrs. Russell does for our students and staff. Thank you for supporting our school, Sadie!

Evans Partners with Woodmen Valley Chapel

Before the school year started, 30 volunteers from the Woodmen Valley Chapel came into EIES to distribute school supplies and put the library back together. We appreciate their support and are excited to continue our partnership with them.

Upcoming Zone Events

11/12: Veteran's Day

11/14: Internet Safety with Securly at HMS

11/15: Blood Drive at SCHS & EIES 5th Grade Veterans Program

11/15: SRES Skate Night

11/15-17: SCHS Musical

11/19-23: Thanksgiving Break

11/27: HMS Parent Night

12/3: Parent Academy: Social & Emotional Wellness at SCHS

12/6: SRES 3rd grade Musical

12/11: EIES 3rd Grade Concert

12/12: SCHS Choir Concert & RES 3rd Grade Program

8th grade Parent Night at HMS

12/14: SCHS Band Concert

12/22-1/7: Winter Break

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