John Kasich

for President 2016

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Protecting the businesses of America

His View

As the government is trying to increase the minimum wage, who is there to ask, What about the business owner. John Kasich is a strong supporters if the businesses in america and will not let the raising of minimum wage hurt the businesses. Raising the minimum wage of it would hurt both small and large businesses alike.

As the winter gets more and more intense it is obvious that the climate is changing. The world is not only for us but for our children and their children. New climate related regulations must be made to promote the preservation of our home without harming business.

As the illegal immigration is continuing to grow, the best answer is to allow more legal immigration. by allowing more and more skilled workers into america, we can increase the well being of both America and their home country allowing them to send money back to their home country.

The school system needs a serious overhaul. More competition is needed to promote more active learning in public school system. Better learning environments are required to allow students to better themselves without struggles at home.

Kasich's campaign rebuttal of the "Breaking News: Fundraising gaffe"

The News article employs "Secretly recorded remarks have sent the Kasich campaign scrambling to contain the damage. In the recording, Mr. Kasich is heard describing the supporters of his opponents as 'parasites' and 'deadbeats' and goes on to explain how a future Kasich administration would not take responsibility for 'those kind of people.'

Mr.Kasich's opponent Bernie Sanders has condemned the remarks."

Mr. Kasich's wants to apologize to all those he has offended and would like to apologize to Bernie Sanders. He would also like to show his sincerity by inviting Mr. Sanders to join him when he is being sworn into office


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