7th Grade Math

A breakdown of the class.

What We Will Learn

This year, the 7th grade common core state standards will be covered in class. This is a fun year, for the 7th grade standards cover everything from positive and negative numbers to finding the volume of prisms and pyramids! Much of the math is real-world, such as taxes, interest, basic probability, and averages.

How We Will Learn

We will learn through a blend of direct instruction, small group exploration, and individual practice. Students will use their chromebooks, but most of their work will be done with a pencil and paper.

How We Will Assess Understanding

We have broken up the standards into 10 units of study. Each unit has a pre-test, a number of practices (usually anywhere from 5-10), Check-Ins (short quizzes), and a summative test. Students will not be allowed to take the summative test until they provide evidence that they are ready. This evidence includes what we observe in class, but also the following:

1. Finished pre-test that has been reviewed and corrected

2. Check-Ins that have been passed with a 70% or better (students are allowed to review and retake these)

3. A self-assessment of the Learning Targets for the unit (this is done as a group the day before a test)

You may have noticed that not all practices have to be done in order to test. We feel, as a math department, that evidence can be shown through the Check-In quizzes rather than the practices. We will still expect students to complete the practices, but we will not demand that they are all done before testing.


In order to pass 7th grade math, a student must pass 8 of the unit tests with a 70% or better. We have a great re-take process for summative tests, so a student can be successful if they take advantage of this. We have and will continue to discuss this with students throughout the year.


All class resources can be found on my website. This includes a calendar, ALL unit materials (practices, daily lesson videos, pre-tests) and links to helpful math activities. I know that I may teach a certain concept differently than how you learned it. I encourage my students to look to their parents/guardians for guidance, so feel free to show your techniques. Math can be a rather messy subject, and there are always multiple ways to approach a problem!