Goddess of Hearth and Family Life

Family Life

- Daughter of Cronus (Kronos) and Rhea

- Sister of Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Hera, and Demeter

- First sibling eaten by Cronus

- Oldest sibling

Love Life

- Hestia promised Zeus she would never get married so that she could help keep peace on Olympus by not being biased from one god over another

- Poseidon and Apollo both wanted to marry Hestia, but her promise to Zeus wouldn't allow that

- Remained a maiden forever

Worship and Impact of Hestia

- Taught men how to build houses

- There was always an altar with a fire that would never go out in

the largest room in every house

- There was also an altar with a perpetual fire in town hall

- If any of these fires were to go out, it was believed evil would come upon the residents

- The centre of religious life in Greece revolved around the hearth of Hestia

- At every sacrifice, prayer, and festivity, Hestia was honored and the first god or goddess to be toasted

-Recognized as the kindest and gentlest goddess of all

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