ISIS Update

By: Allyssa Traver

What's Happening?

Marine Sergeant Louis F. Cardin was killed in an ISIS rocket attack lead by ISIS.Two rockets were fired onto the military base. One of these rockets killed Cardin and wounded several other Marines from his unit. Eventually Iraqi forces will fight to retake the city of Mosul from ISIS control. This will not begin for months. Right now there is estimated to be about 3,850 U.S troops in Iraq helping to fight ISIS.

How It Affects U.S Today

This affects the United States today because it obviously raises the tension towards ISIS. This whole incident just makes people want to get rid of ISIS completely. The more Americans that get killed the more people that get angry.

My Opinion/ Solution

My opinion is that we need to do something about ISIS. We have all of this talk about how bad they are and we all know that. They are not going to stop killing Americans until they are ended completely. We definitely need to work harder to put an end to them.