Fraud Protection

Jace Redmond

Counterfeit Check Scams

Don't fall victim to online scammers.

Try to stay away from checks.

Identiy Theft

Use a STRONG password that only you would know.

Use a STRONG username.


Run Firewall Protection Software

Ignore faulty messaes


Don't fall victim to fake messages about updating or validating your personal banking information.

Be a loner online.


Make sure your on the right site for you important information.

pay attention.


Ignore pop up ads.

pay attention to your home browser for any changes.


Occurs via mass marketing, mail, wire, telephone, Internet, etc. to deceitfully get money from people

Ignore pop ups like those.


Applying for and modifying credit (most common involves mortgages)

Have a second person there to make sure your doing it right.


Scammers making claims that a person may be exempt from paying taxes

Ignore "hardship" stories.


Investors are deceived by individuals claiming to be financial advisors.

Or have an investment guaranteed to make money