Making a Difference

Carmel Creek December 13, 2015

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Book Fair

Thanks Katie Z. and Lynn and all the teachers and staff who supported the book fair. It was neat to see the kids so excited about their books and the parents having fun buying books for holiday gift surprises.

7-Habits, Leader In Me Book Club is going well. Thanks Katie for your guidance!

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Thanks for all the wonderful professional development check in meetings this past week. I look forward to our cooperative next step planning and classroom observations when we return from break. Beautiful teaching and dynamic programming is occurring in many capacities around Carmel Creek.

A little holiday humor...

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Kinder Writing

Second, SDC and Kinder Class Buddies-Thanks Mrs. Benson, Mrs. Hastings, Mrs. Blate and Mr. Peter

Thanks to those who support us from the DO.

Thanks Sabrina for spending time to get to know our EL programs and for visiting our classrooms.
Thanks Julie for spending time sharing your knowledge, your warm spirit , your support to our STREAM initiative and for valuing our daily efforts to authentically grow our programs.
Thanks Rebecca for supporting our special education team with SDC IA support and brainstorming strategies to help us meet service needs in the Learning Center.
Thanks Kristie Towne for helping a properly vet community flyers/handouts and the many TK transition questions.
Thanks Terry Decker for supporting our instructional practices.
Thanks Tech Department for all the efficient support services.
Thanks Susan and Sal for processing our newest employees and posting our upcoming staff temporary leave position needs.
Thanks CDC for your efforts to support our Foundation Parent Night Out.
Thanks Siri, Food and Nutrition, for your efforts to get our new menu roll-out ready to launch.

Sneak Peek at a Draft of New Menu Ideas

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Hour of Code-Great Resources Recommended by Angie and Kelsey. Thanks Much!

Keyboarding-----Dance Mat Typing (website)
Coding-----Kodable (K-1st grade), Hopscotch (2nd to 3rd grade), Scratch
District website for reference----

Tracy Borin has a wonderful letter going out to parent this week with additional links for parents to reference. Thanks Tracy!

Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network and Scratch

Thanks TOSA's for representing us at the Del Mar Maker Fair

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Thanks office staff for a nice lunch

Margaret and Mashell you sure know how to set up a room. Helen your posters have been amazing! Great dessert Roy! Thanks Roy and Hugo for helping with clean up.

Have a Wonderful Week!

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